Cotton Candy

*Moprphine rarely take part in hunts so it is nice to report that they are taking part in the Cotton Candy hunt and they are stop number 56.

So for those that love Ydreece’s skins  better jump to it


Skin: *Morphine TCC Hunt #56
* Morphine : Rowena Peach Skintone (Smoky)

Hair: [INK] Hair
NATUM(R ::Roots

Eyes: * Morphine
Trinity : Blind Eyes
Complete outfit: Glitzz Store
[G] Adele Style


I sold my !soul in the name of Fashion

While over at !soul i took a look at the regular items on sale  am please to report that the price range is 60/99 lindens. This is good news for those like myself on a tight budget. Here is a complete outfit i picked up for 60$L . It comes with boots and the appliers for the tango’s

On a note about ther tango’s…It is so nice to see a merchant not charging you for this added  option. I personally feel that those charging for this add on are not as cusotmer friendly as they can be . But i do stress this is only my opinion.


Hair by LaNoir Soleil Designs
[LNS Designs] ENVY Lucky Chair Version

Skin by *Morphine Monochromatic Fair Exclusive
Juliana Peach Skintone (Natural/Berry)

Outfit by !Soul
!Soul~ Nanny~Mini Dress Mesh Outfit

Prim Bust by Lolas
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Prim hands by Slink
Slink Mesh Hand Casual

Can you say Monochromatic sure i know you can

The  Monochromatic Fair has just started . So what does  Monochromatic mean? It describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color.

* Morphine took up the challenge and have an exclusive clothing range to the the Fair and the Juliana Skin is available also .


The Monochromatic Fair

Skin by *Morphine:
Juliana Peach Skintone (Natural/Berry)
Dress by* Morphine :
Juliana Spring Dress (Lily)
Boots by * Morphine :
OverKnee Boots 2 (Pink)


Hair by LaNoir Soleil Designs
[LNS Designs] IMOGEN Lucky chair win


Loordes of London-Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

Here for you to browse over it the full compliment of offerings from Loordes of  London at the  Krave Freestyle Urban Fair



Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

Krave Freestyle Urban Fair has started and will run from the 1st April to the 30th according to my sources although at time of going to print i am not able to find an offical webpage.

Here is another outfit from Loordes of london from the event and please remeber that all from Loordes are exclusive to the event.

ChiChickie!  *Morphine Loordes of London [mock]  Slink

Loordes of London [mock]


Hair by ChiChickie!
ChiChickie! Annan – Gift Color – Walnut

Skin By * Morphine
RAFF Exclusive Bundles
* Morphine : Katrina Tan Skintone (Natural/Brown w/CL)

Loordes of London @ Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

Dress by Loordes of London
Loordes of London-Tuzia Mini-#22-Black
Boots by Loordes of London
Loordes of London-Pelia Boots-#2 1

Makeup by [mock]
[mock] 365 days of “when did I make that?!”
[mock]MetaltronicDollipop [makeover]

Hands by Slink
Slink Mesh Hand Casual

Its Styling time again

Lyfe Of Style is ready for a new round and as always so is Loordes of London with two well textured and detailed  items . And remember that these come with a $L75 price tag.

Here is the first

*ARGRACE* *Morphine  Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!

*ARGRACE* *Morphine
Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!

*ARGRACE* *Morphine  Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!

*ARGRACE* *Morphine
Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!


Hair by *ARGRACE*  Main Store subscriber gift  no group slot taken up

Skin by *Morphine Main Store
*Morphine Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light w/ CL)

Loordes of London  @ Lyfe Of Style
Loordes of London-A Gothic Tale #7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/16

Trousers by Loordes of London Main Store
Loordes of London-Heraclidae Trousers-Charcoal/black

Boots by [elikatira] Main Store
[e] Secret Boots – Sepia

Hands by TheMeshProject! Web Site
TheMeshProject! (MeshHand)(f)

Steals and Deals

~BLD~ Beliria Lumley Designs  are this week offering an exceptional value for linden steals and deals outfit. Top, Trousers and boots for the princely sum of 99$L.

Those that know ~BLD~ know that lots of hard work goes in to these designs with great attention to detail. Always value for your lindens…..



* Morphine
* Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/HeavyBrow w/ CL)
* Morphine : K2W Special Shape #XS

Hair and Horns
—LaNoir Soleil Designs—
[LNS Designs] Lady Dark Hunt Gift past hunt

Steals and deals
Beliria Lumley Designs
~BLD~ Ellenor Outfit – Pink Glitz 99$L

Sitting in the Sunshine

More from Loordes of London @ Fi*Friday and Morphin @ The Skin Fair 2014

Some lovely detialed jeans and rich coloured boots from LOL and another skin shade of the every beautiful Ghail

*Morphine  [elikatira]  DressMe Designs  Loordes of London

DressMe Designs
Loordes of London



Ghail Medium Skintone (Natural/LightBrow w/CL)
* Morphine Main store url  :
The Skin Fair WebSite

[elikatira] [e] Theory – Brown 04

DressMe Designs ~DM~ Basics Collection Hemlock Green BeltedTop

Loordes of London
Fi*Friday 3/13/14

Trouses and Shoes
Loordes of London-Arezzo Jeans-#1 1
Loordes of London-Vitolini Boots-Red-


With love from me to you

yes yes i know you are expecting a nice romantic posting with a tag line like that, well guess what  nope  not to day my friends.

Loordes of London are taking part in the With Love Fair which starts today. The items I am showing you are exclusive to the Fair.

. a i s l i n g . * Morphine With Love Fair -Loordes of London

. a i s l i n g .
* Morphine
With Love Fair
-Loordes of London


Bandana  From last years Hair fair this one is the . a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Hyena/

Skin  * Morphine : Celeste Peach Skintone (Natural/Brown w/ DCL) from hipster fair

Earrings Loordes of London With love Fair exclusive The Body Modi fication-#2 1

Top Loordes of London With love Fair exclusive The McLaglen-#1

Jeans Loordes of London With love Fair exclusive Arezzo Jeans-#14 1

Boots   From  my inventory


so sales room time again. Loordes of London are in a number of sales rooms and here are a few for this weekend
Fi*Friday Loordes of London  Finlandia Parka Olive/Brown/RV 55L  La Boheme Ceramic Earrring-Chocolate  55L

Sales items for the week 10th January 2014

Boots La Bastille-#6 -Pinjore Dress-Blackberry Gold/Oyster

Loordes of London Mirror's Enigma Ploom

Loordes of London
Mirror’s Enigma

Other info

Hair .ploom. Khloe (large) – Blondes

Eyes and Skin [:ME:] Unnatural Eye Colors :: Blind  Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light)