About me and my blog

Name …..Julianna Jonstone

Age ….. 2 Years

What brought you to SL….. My RL hubby found the site and thought it would a be a good thing for us to explore together. I have stayed and he has moved on to other games.

How do you View SL….. I View as a 3D chatroom making friends, doing things in SL that i am unable to do in RL for what every reason. I do not view as a game. We are real life people with feeling, opinion and ideas.

What do I wish to achieve with the Blog….. I just want people to find nice inexpensive Items that are well made and interesting. Although i am happy to blog what ever comes my way, I can and will veto some things, that is my creative right.  I try to keep things to a low cost as i have very few lindens to my name but i will  blog about items i am given but only if i think the general reader will find it interesting.

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