I sold my !soul in the name of Fashion

While over at !soul i took a look at the regular items on sale  am please to report that the price range is 60/99 lindens. This is good news for those like myself on a tight budget. Here is a complete outfit i picked up for 60$L . It comes with boots and the appliers for the tango’s

On a note about ther tango’s…It is so nice to see a merchant not charging you for this added  option. I personally feel that those charging for this add on are not as cusotmer friendly as they can be . But i do stress this is only my opinion.


Hair by LaNoir Soleil Designs
[LNS Designs] ENVY Lucky Chair Version

Skin by *Morphine Monochromatic Fair Exclusive
Juliana Peach Skintone (Natural/Berry)

Outfit by !Soul
!Soul~ Nanny~Mini Dress Mesh Outfit

Prim Bust by Lolas
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Prim hands by Slink
Slink Mesh Hand Casual


The Manila file!!!

* Morphine have a skin called Manila  and at this time it is $L 99 for none group members and $L80 for Group members. Its a lovely smooth light brown skin with all the detail that we have all come to expect form Ydreece.

* Morphine [elikatira] Slink Lolas ::: Tango :::

* Morphine
Lolas ::: Tango :::


Hair [elikatira]  [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin  * Morphine : Manila Tan Skintone (Nude/Light)

Breasts Lolas ::: Tango :::

Hand Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium R

Feet Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – Mid

The heart shaped stool I am knelt on is from the Cherry hunt at Purplemoon


As she flies through the Air with the greatest of ease…………..

Leaning out of the phone box Juliana wondered where she was. Thinking to herself ” i knew there was something wrong with my date when he told me his transport was the police box”, but she had a thing for bowties…..

[elikatira] Mirror's Enigma ~*~Shar's~*~ Lolas Tango Slink

Mirror’s Enigma
Lolas Tango

Hair  [elikatira]  [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin and shape  Mirror’s Enigma (ME) Juliana Tan Skintone (Natural/Black w/ CL) Shape  A2W Shape (Mesh Size: M)

Lolas    ::: Tango::: Mesh Breasts  Please be careful if you purchase these as last time i checked there was not demo’s to try

Dress  ~*~Shar’s~*~ bottom Lida 2014 This is a new year gift from the market place

Hands/Feet   Slink Avatar enhancements both hands and feet