There is no place like home

There really is never a truer expression. Home is where you run to at the end of the day. When the world has handed you a plate of cold comfort home is the one place you can feel safe. So it is the same in Sl and like Rl we like our homes to reflect who we are. All of the items in this posting are from Cozy Essentials  and are this months show case for Junes round of The Collage

The collage has just started a new round so lets see what they have for out away from real life hideout can look like…….


Picture one

Table settings
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Dining Room Table
{CE}Hailey Collection ~ Dining Room Chair
{CE} Cluster of Candles
{CE} Peach Rug

Picture Two

Fire place
{CE} Lakehouse Fireplace
{CE} Wall Clock  The clock can be changed to different time zones

Picture Three

Side unit
{CE} Buffet Table
{CE} Pitcher of Lilacs
{CE} Victorian Mirror

Picture four

Entrance Table
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Entrance Table
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Lamp
{CE} Cozy Basket with Lid
{CE} Books, Etc.
{CE} Cozy Storage {Large}
Stack of Books
{CE} Decorative Plate ~ Initial This can be changes to any letter.


{CE} Potted Fern
{CE} Butterfly Plant & Tree

Fi*Friday with Ink

Lordes of london at the Fi*Friday sale room and a new store to me called Ink .

Ink is not new to the grid just new  to me and they do some wonderful male hair. One of them is called NATUM and that is the one i am showing you today …….

[INK]  *Mon Cheri*  .::Wow Skins::.  Loordes of London

*Mon Cheri*
.::Wow Skins::.
Loordes of London


Hair by [INK] Hair
[INK] Hair___NATUM(R ::Roots

Eye Lashes by *Mon Cheri*
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash

Skin by .::Wow Skins::.
.::Wow Skins::. Angela Tan

Loordes of LondonFi*Friday-4/10/14
Loordes of London-Jubilee Earrings-Red&Yellow
Loordes of London-Tuzia Mini-#36-Fuschia

Shoes from my Inventory

Loordes of London-Tuzia Mini Collage Loordes of London-Jubilee EarringsCollage

Lyfe Of Style in the Gatcha Garden

Lots of events on at the moment  so i have merge a two for this posting . The Lyfe Of Style and The Gatcha Garden both of these events offer lots for styles and purses. Many with new and original designs

La Noir Soleil Designs *Morphine  *Mon Cheri*  Loordes of London Slink  -{ZOZ-}  N-core

La Noir Soleil Designs *Morphine
*Mon Cheri*
Loordes of London Slink


Hair by LaNoir Soleil Designs

Skin by * Morphine
* Morphine : FreyaV2 Peach Skintone (Dread/Dark w/CL)
* Morphine : I2W Special Shape (xs)
* Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes

Eyelashes by * Mon Cheri *
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash

Dress by Loordes of London @Lyfe Of Style 
Loordes of London-Tuzia Mini-#40

Hands by Slink
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –

Nails by -{ZOZ}- @ The Gatcha Garden
-{ZOZ}- April Polish Peep RARE Polish Fingernail (slink)
Shoe by N-core
N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel “Pearl”

#44#32#40Collage 20~56~94~64Collage

More Fi*Friday with a hint of Time Machine

Part two of the Fi*Friday offerings from Loordes of London.  I love the style of this jacket , it will work for many era’s and style. One of those that you keep as it is so versatile.

*ARGRACE*  * Morphine  Loordes of London Ever An' Angel

* Morphine
Loordes of London Ever An’ Angel

*ARGRACE*  * Morphine  Loordes of London Ever An' Angel

* Morphine
Loordes of London Ever An’ Angel


Hair by *ARGRACE*

Skin by * Morphine
[:ME:] Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light w/ CL)
Eyes by
* Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes
Loordes of London @ Fi Friday
Top by Loordes of London
The Time M achine-#2//#8/#9/#10/#11/#12

Skirt by  Ever An’ Angel
Ever An’ Angel Skinny Skirts Long – Sand

From my Inventory

More from Lyfe Of Style

Also from Loordes of London at Lyfe Of Style these stylish The Crown Jewels-Bracelet. A  girl must accessories to get the right style grins…and remeber again only $L75 each

*ARGRACE* *Morphine  Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!

*ARGRACE* *Morphine
Loordes of London [elikatira] TheMeshProject!


Hair by *ARGRACE*  Main Store subscriber gift  no group slot taken up

Skin by *Morphine Main Store
*Morphine Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light w/ CL)

Loordes of London @ Lyfe Of Style
Loordes of London
The Crown Jewels-Bracelet-#1 1/#2 1/#3 1/#4 1/#6 1/#7 1
Top by Loordes of London Main Store
Loordes of London-Jersey Shore-Jacket Set-Grey

Trousers by Loordes of London Main Store
Loordes of London-Heraclidae Trousers-Charcoal/Black

Boots by [elikatira] Main Store
[e] Secret Boots – Sepia

Hands by TheMeshProject! Web Site
TheMeshProject! (MeshHand)(f)

Evie’s Closet

It has been a long time since i last went to Evie’s Closet and there have been some changes. gone it the store in a wonderful setting , now it have a grand house to explore all the gorgeous clothing made with style and fabulous  textures. There is an MM board which i must confess to not knowing about . So i hit with not much hope of the prize target being reach. so it was a lovely surprise to log in yesterday morning and find it had.

Here is the result along with some goodies from Chop Zuey


Hair by Truth Main Store
TRUTH HAIR Fernanda November Group Gift

Eyelashes by ❉мση ςнєяί❉ Main Store
*MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD Not Free

Skin by * Morphine
* Morphine : Celeste Peach Skintone (Smoky/Brown w/ DCL)


Jewels by Chop Zuey Main Store
Heart & Soul Bracelet Free
Heart & Soul Earrings GRoup Gift
Heart & Soul Necklace Free

Dress by Evie’s Closet Main Store
*EC* Nimue Gown – Incantation Midnight Mania

Steals and Deals

~BLD~ Beliria Lumley Designs  are this week offering an exceptional value for linden steals and deals outfit. Top, Trousers and boots for the princely sum of 99$L.

Those that know ~BLD~ know that lots of hard work goes in to these designs with great attention to detail. Always value for your lindens…..



* Morphine
* Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/HeavyBrow w/ CL)
* Morphine : K2W Special Shape #XS

Hair and Horns
—LaNoir Soleil Designs—
[LNS Designs] Lady Dark Hunt Gift past hunt

Steals and deals
Beliria Lumley Designs
~BLD~ Ellenor Outfit – Pink Glitz 99$L

You just have to have a Fair time at the Gotcha’s

Lots of events and happenings this weekend so i will keep the chat short . This post will have items from

The luck of the irish fair

The Skin Fair 2014

The Spring Wishes Market 2014

D!va  Morphine  A*S  Forever Young  Alyce  Slink

Forever Young


“”D!va”” Hair “Maya” (Platinum) Main Store url

Skin Fair 2014
* Morphine : Ghail Medium Skintone (Natural/LightBrow w/CL) Main Store url
* Morphine: Ghail Special Shape (Mesh M) Main Store url
* Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes Main Store url

Gotcha event

The  luck of the Irish fair

A*S   Gatty Collar_sea_  Main Store url

Ankle Bows
Forever Young  :FY:  Ankle Bows (teal) Main Store url

Alyce – Slink – Impossible Heels Main Store url

Slink Main Store url
Feet Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  – Mid
Hands Slink Female Casual
Spring Wishes
*Morphine @Spring Wishes Market 2014
* Morphine : Ghail’s Spring Dress (Pastel 01) Main Store url
* Morphine : Spring Wishes Market (Gift) Shorts Main Store url

Pure Poison

There is a wonderful store called Pure Poison that have a wide ranging stock of many styles from causal to haute couture. At the moment there is available a large number of group gifts on display in the courtyard. Not sure how long these will be available . To join is free and well worth  using one of your precious  group spaces for.

I popped over and picked up a few items and also brought the Miss Venezuela Gown. long stylish and very classic in my humble opinion.

elikatira  Morphine  Pure Poison  Slink

Pure Poison


[elikatira] [e] Found – Red 05

* Morphine Beatrix Peach Skintone (Thistle/BrownBrow)

Pure Poison Gaby Necklace Group Gift

Pure Poison – Miss Venezuela Gown

Slink Casual hands

lexi-jewelry-set GG

lexi-jewelry-set GG

pure-poison-boho-time-necklace GG

pure-poison-boho-time-necklace GG



The Pier at the end of the Garden

A little mixture of items from The Pier and Garden Gatcha

Loordes of London Morphine  Mon Cheri  Bubblefish  ZOZ  elikatira  Slink

Loordes of London Morphine
Mon Cheri



[elikatira] [e] Abbey – Brown 08


* Morphine : Lauren Tan Skin (Blush/BrownBrow)

Coat From The Pier
Loordes of London-Milan Coat-#11 the pier

Trousers from The Pier
Loordes of London-Heraclidae Trousers-White

Mon Cheri  *MC* Heartbreaker Sandals – Noir


Bubblefish*  Main store Heart Bag Pink (rare)

-{ZOZ}- Main store Orchid Rare – Fingernail and Toenails

Hands and Feet 

Slink  Casual hands  and High Feet