so sales room time again. Loordes of London are in a number of sales rooms and here are a few for this weekend
Fi*Friday Loordes of London  Finlandia Parka Olive/Brown/RV 55L  La Boheme Ceramic Earrring-Chocolate  55L

Sales items for the week 10th January 2014

Boots La Bastille-#6 -Pinjore Dress-Blackberry Gold/Oyster

Loordes of London Mirror's Enigma Ploom

Loordes of London
Mirror’s Enigma

Other info

Hair .ploom. Khloe (large) – Blondes

Eyes and Skin [:ME:] Unnatural Eye Colors :: Blind  Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light)





New year ………………

Firstly let me wish you all a very happy new year and may 2014 treat you better than 2013 .

Juliana went out for a night on the tiles and was forces to submit to being frisked, but her her usual diva style she struck a pose……………

have fun

Mirror's Enigma

Mirror’s Enigma


Skin [:ME:] Juliana Tan Skintone (Natural/Ginger w/ CL) Shape and eyes are also Mirror’s as per previous posting

Dress Chrysalis MarketplaceButterfly # Dress 0$L

Hair Yellow Hair  Marketplace Luck 23$L

Shoes .::PiCHi::. LOVE PARIS Heels [nude] Event gift

Pose Latorre’s Secret Store Marketplace 1$L


Cloud busting with LOL

What any fashion scientist would wear while chasing clouds………….  But  while she may be a scientist   she does like to spend had linden carefully.

The London’s Fog-Blanket Cardigan-S-Brown is from Loordes of London’s cart at the black event on The Wash

The Loordes of London-L’Experience Haute-Blush boots are part od this weeks Fri*day sale

Loordes of London Truth [:Me:] [SF]

Loordes of London

Cloud Busting in


>TRUTH< Riley – platinum


[:ME:] Heather Peach Skintone (Blight/BrownBrow w/ CL)


Loordes of London-London’s Fog-Blanket Cardigan-S-Brown   The Wash Cart Sale


Loordes of London-L’Experience Haute-Blush     Fri*day sale room


[SF] cloud umbrella WFH old hunt prize

Loords of London

More goodness from loords of london. I thought i would wear something short and sassy on the Havenhollow Treat or treat event. You never know might get extra candy that way . This outfit is from the Room 69 Sales and retails at 55L

Truth Mirror's Enigma  Loordes of London N-Core

Mirror’s Enigma
Loordes of London


>TRUTH< Bonnie – almond

Eyes and Skin

Mirror’s Enigma
Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)
[:ME:] Stella Skin @Body Modifications Expo


Room 69 Price  55L
Loordes of London-Boho Set Combo-#6 1



Past Group gift



Its Boho time once again

Loordes of London are taking part in the The Boho Culture Fair 2013 that is all the talk of the grid at the moment. Here are a few of this times that they have to offer……

Loordes of London Mirror's Enigma [dls]  =^.^=NIKITA

Loordes of London
Mirror’s Enigma

[dls] Icons of Style  Earrings Silver Filigree Spirals
Loordes of London– Dress Dolly Boho Boots B/R NOTTINGHAM -SCARLET  Bag The Boho Sak-#12

=^.^=NIKITA – Mocha Color – Rasta Chic Hair Mocha

Mirror’s Enigma Stella Peach Skintone (Blush~Blonde & CL)

PP R3 Look Four

Ok I know its silly but i just love  blog titles that you have to work out grins

Look Number four is a complete look by Clothes Culture  even down to the shoes  enjoy

Clothes Culture -Fran-

Clothes Culture -Fran-

Pure Perfrection

Clothes   Culture   FRAN

Hair Fair
Curious Kitties    Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Mantie V3


[:ME:] Brasilia Light Skintone (S-Puce w~CL)




Another look for Luisa

I have fallen in love with this skin by Mirror Enigma and so felt it would be nice to do a series of shots with different looks for the same skin/tone and shape, with just the addition of make up tattoos that are made for this skin.

[ME] Luisa Medium Skintone (Abyss~Brown w~CL)Luisa Abyss EyeShadows (02)Luisa Candy Lips (04T)H2W Special Shape 3

Skin/Shape/Eyes and makeup  Mirrors Enigma [ME] Luisa Medium Skintone (Abyss~Brown w~CL)Luisa Abyss EyeShadows (02)Luisa Candy Lips (04T)H2W Special ShapeH2W Special Shape 

 Nails  [Bamboo]– Subtle Gradient Group Gift free to join

Earrings AIDORU  spicy spiky earrings  10$L from The Wash Beach Sale

Boots  Female Mesh Outfit – Animals

Hair [elikatira] Locked – Blonde 07

Tattoo Suicide Gurls – Mysterious Tattoo

Accessories The Sea Hole – Corsage Ring, Bangles, & polish set – Plum   closed

Dress gash +  strapless mini 7 – L full bright