Ghail admires a stylish car

A few weeks ago The White Armoury had as their group gift The Sophisticate Gown and i have been looking for just the right setting to show it off.

Now the outfit is not the current group gift but this will show the variety that Bee Dumpling is capable of offering her customers.

The Skin is the exclusive from * Morphine with a added lipstick from the Ghail makeup range also.

The Sim is the Chicago 20’s and I am in the Shepco Motors sales room

>TRUTH<  * Morphine  **TWA**  Leverocci  Slink

* Morphine



>TRUTH< Gloria – almond Main Store

Skin and Makeup  Skin Fair WebSite
* Morphine : Ghail Ivory Skintone (Natural/LightBrow w/CL) (SkinFair2014) Exclusive Releases
* Morphine : Ghail’s Metallic Red Lips (Dark)
**TWA**The Sophisticate Gown Set-Group Gift Boxed Past Group Gift Main Store

Leverocci Belgravia – Leather – T-Bar Pumps – Black marketplace

Slink hands and Feet Main Store
Casual hands and Mid feet

Oh to be Flawless

Flawless Snow Much Fun Poster copy

The flawless cart sale is once again in full swing and like the poster says  all your favourite designers with exclusive stock at a price most can afford.

The Skin You’re In is as always apart of the sale and Pixel has made a wonderful skin just for this event. She is called Diana

The Skin You're In Loordes of london [elikatira]

The Skin You’re In
Loordes of london

Hair    [elikatira]  [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin The Skin You’re In

Jumper Loordes of London  The McLaglen-#3-M Group Gift

Also with in the pack is this lovely pink lingerie set. All in all what a great Bargain


Hands and feet by slink as per previous posting

Turkish Delights!!!!


Spring is on its way and in true Ever An’ Angel  style a total store revamp was in order  as well a complete new collection.  The grand opening was tonight. In fact i have just come from there and its an extremely well thought out build, allowing you to access the whole store with out having to fight the wonderful lag monster.

ever and angel new store

And as always the stock is well made with that eye for detail that we have all come to know and love from this wonderful design team.

Ever An' Angel * Morphine [elikatira] KoiKoi

Ever An’ Angel
* Morphine



[elikatira]   [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin  * Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/BrownBrow w/ CL)

Outfit  Ever An’ Angel Turkish Delights Ensemble – Rosewood

Shoe  KoiKoi WinklePickers (MEDIUM FOOT for Slink feet)

Nails  Tone – Light Valentine Nails – Scroll Work (For Slink hands)

Hands/Feet Slink Casual hands and Medium Feet

Holiday Fair Giftie 1

There are a number of xmas events going on so here is a very quick rundown of some of them


First there is the The Holiday Fair @ SLebrity City there are a number of little green holiday gift envelopes on the vendors and these are the gift/Dollerbies.

{Indyra} WOW Lyrical B!zarre Templates   KL Couture

Lyrical B!zarre
KL Couture

Hair *Dura-Girl*51(Barley Corn)

Skin .::Wow Skins::.    Anna

Necklace !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Clementine – Necklace

Handbag and shoes  Indy&Co. Vivianne Minaudiere: Rouge

Dress from inventory

Pure LOL in the sales room

Loordes of london are making their next round of sale room assaults on your lindens. All great value and something for every one.

Here are the items for the Pure Sales Room for this round.

The Samothrace- at the Pure Sales Room

The Samothrace- at the Pure Sales Room

The Details

Loordes of London @ The Pure Sales Room

The Samothrace-#8S 1  The Samothrace-#11  The Samothrace-#15S  The Samothrace-#18   The Samothrace-#72S 1


*Dura-Girl*51(Barley Corn)


 Mirror’s Enigma (ME) Heather Peach Skintone (Silken/LightBrow)


N-core SENSE XtremeHeel “GroupGift”

I have been Pixelled…Have you

Of not why not.. Well here is your chance to try seeing things from a different perspective.

The skin you’re in(at The wash) have brought out a new range of avatars. The are called PixelMe. you can get a custom made  mesh avatar made to your personnal shape.

At The Wash sale  they are offering off the peg versions for you to try out for 50$L both male and female.  Below is the chad version with a  male shape i had in my inventory and the Tiffany skin with my own personal PixelMe. They are both wearing the same tuxedo from Fab-Fae as it is on a clothing system which allow for unisex clothing. Enjoy

Tiffany couple Chad

Tiffany couple Chad

If you are intested in getting  custom avatar please do contact Pixelperfection Resident for all the details.

Truth with ME FF for an Ncore

As you know (from me) that Mirror’s Enigma have a version update of their Heather skin out and today I am showing you the Peach skintone.  The makeup on heather reminded me of the styles of the 5o’s so i have coupled it with the new dress from Fab-Fae Designs.

Truth with ME FF for an Ncore



>TRUTH< Sassy 2 – champagne


[:ME:] Mirror’s Enigma  Heather Peach Skintone (Blight/BrownBrow w/ CL)


 22769 ~ [accessories] Nerd Glasses Black/repaired  for the upcoming Geeks and Nerds Fair

22769 Geek Tease


Fab-Fae Designs  ~FF~TwoTone Butterscotch with handbag

FF handbag


N-core SENSE XtremeHeel “GroupGift” Black


Hair today and for ever more

I love getting review copies from Miss Lemon Sunday creator of Wasabi Pills. Today was like my birthday all over again grins. Four new styles what a treat,  All made with the usual care and attention to detail we have come to expect from Wasabi and all colour’s are included in this range…………….I will let the pictures do the talking.

All are mesh so you will need a mesh capable Viewer.


The Dresser……… Lexi

Dressed by Lexi (DBL) is a store, that just goes from strength to strength.
It has a free to join Group, with some wonderful monthly gifts; for any lady looking for elegance and style. The store is spacious and easy on the eye, with lots of Tenbies (L$10) scattered about.

Each dress is matched with some accessories, be it shoes or jewellery. Whatever you choose, you will always make an entrance in a DBL outfit.

I have chosen this months group gift ~ Serendipity in red to show; plus I have added the September 2011 gift.  The September Group Gift was a must, as it is in my favourite colour PURPLE!

As it was my Rezz Day today, I thought I would get dressed up.  As you see, I had an accident putting on my make-up; for my rezz day party. In truth this is another cStar skin called – Glory Whore Skin [Elven Natural].

This Skin is Limited to 10 Quantity per tone.

The tones are in the Elven Edition; Elven Cool, Elven Natural, Elven Olive and Elven Warm.