Turkish Delights!!!!


Spring is on its way and in true Ever An’ Angel  style a total store revamp was in order  as well a complete new collection.  The grand opening was tonight. In fact i have just come from there and its an extremely well thought out build, allowing you to access the whole store with out having to fight the wonderful lag monster.

ever and angel new store

And as always the stock is well made with that eye for detail that we have all come to know and love from this wonderful design team.

Ever An' Angel * Morphine [elikatira] KoiKoi

Ever An’ Angel
* Morphine



[elikatira]   [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin  * Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/BrownBrow w/ CL)

Outfit  Ever An’ Angel Turkish Delights Ensemble – Rosewood

Shoe  KoiKoi WinklePickers (MEDIUM FOOT for Slink feet)

Nails  Tone – Light Valentine Nails – Scroll Work (For Slink hands)

Hands/Feet Slink Casual hands and Medium Feet

Coyote Ugly for Ever and Angel

Woooooooooo  Hoooooo Dancing on the bar at the Drunken Bunneh is soooo much fun ………Shame i was all alone. Too much of a good thing can make you do strange things ,well this is sl what did you expect.

Newness for those wonderful ladies at Ever An’ Angel.

Ever An' Angel Night Out

Ever An’ Angel Night Out

Ever An’ Angel Element Boots – Labradorite

Tone  by Ever An’ Angel – Lip Stains – Deep Trouble – Burnt Shine

Ever An’ Angel Mesh & System Leggins Coal

Ever An’ Angel Drew On My Sweater – Ombre Water

[:ME:] Sapphire Medium Skintone (Summer/Brunette w/ CL)
Mirror’s Enigma

[Alice Project] tastes like rainbow! from the Taste the Rainbow Hunt

Photo taken in Ever and Angel Land

PP R3 Look 18

Look 18 Now we are all grown up

.Sugar & Cyanide. ChiChickie   Mirrors Enigma

.Sugar & Cyanide. ChiChickie
Mirrors Enigma


Pure Perfection 

.S&C. .     Sugar & Cyanide.      Curiouser      Main Store

Hair Fair

ChiChickie!      Jessie      Main Store


Skin      [:ME:] Mirror’s Enigma      Nixie Light Skintone (Disco 01 w/ CL)      Main Store

Pure Perfection r3 look 17

Pure Perfection …Keeping sl look great for less lindens

Look 17

Lethal  ChiChickie  [Mock] Cosmetics Similar  Mirrors Enigma

[Mock] Cosmetics Similar
Mirrors Enigma

Pure Perfection

.:Lethal:.      Rezeda      Summer Dress      Main Store

Hair Fair

ChiChickie!      Jessie      Main Store


Make up     [Mock] Cosmetics      Miss Vanity Eye shadow      EX HUNT GIFT      Main Store

Skin      Mirror’s Enigma     Nixie Light Skintone (Disco 01 w/ CL)      Main Store

Feet      Similar      Barefeet      Main Store

PP R3 Look 13

Bakers Dozen Anyone ??????

La Fleur

La Fleur


Pure Perfrection

Dress      La Fleur:      Gothic Corset Dress : Purple      Main Store
Hair Fair

Hair      !lamb.      Bob – Lavender (ROYGBIV Pack)      Main Store

Skin      Glam Affair –      Roza – BaroQ – 01 Main Store

Boots ~     Black Arts~     Thigh High Mesh Boots Buckles Purple      Main Store

PP R3 Look Six

Is there no stopping with all the goodies from Pure Perfection. Remember that all items on sale here are between 30/75 lindens so well worth a visit.

Loordes of London Silhouettes

Loordes of London Silhouettes

Pure Perfrection

Loordes of London      Soonsara – Boot  – Teal & Persimmon  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Heron%20Island/185/131/3505

G.Roden Collection   Silhouettes   Summer Casual Dress  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/aMuse/215/18/3283


Hair Fair

Clawtooth:                   Dear Heart – Wheat   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tableau/209/145/23



Mirror’s Enigma       [:ME:] Socordia V2 Pale Skintone(Shade)


Pure Contagion at whore Couture

Pure contagion

Every weekend,Friday thru Sunday our designers will have a variety of items for you to enjoy!Last weekend of the month we will all gather together for a big sale with great
selections for you!

Pure Contagion-LogoOne of the stores taking part is Fab-Fab

Their offering for round one is  a lovely chamsoeng dress . A dark oriental patterning with red silk edging

Chams DarkThis will retail at 50 Lindens for the weekend from Friday 1st march to  Monday 4th.

Also taking part are Baubles

I am showcasing the two tops , earrings,ring and nose flower by them

Contagion WhoreThe jeans worn are by Fab-Fae and are as yet not in store so this is a sneak peak at them. They are not mesh .

The skin  shown is by Mirror’s Enigma and is her contribution to the the new Whore couture season

Whore CertifiedCalled   Iona . I am wearing the Bronze Skin tone (Blight 01),  the Shape Iona (Standard M) and the Eyes Dreamy (n): Gray ,

Hair is by [E] Locked – Blonde 07  shoes by [Gos] Espadrilles in Tie Dye and finally a really great find i think as a blogger always looking for different poses

All the poses in this shot were from oberon’s trick and where 2o lindens each

SSSHHH i will let you in to a secret

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak


In the last post I mentioned that  TSYI! had a new skin out . Well it is the latest group gift and this is a sneak peak.  Me it is once of Pixels best so far. I love the shading  over the eyes and the very sophisticated look that has been pulled together. If you have not discovered The skin you’re in then where have you been. Also in  the pack  is a custom shape lashes and added personal tattoos.

The skimpy outfit that i  have on to show case this fab skin is from Fab-Fae and is also a sneak peak as this is not in the store for full size avatar’s as yet but is available for petites.

GG for TSYI!

GG for TSYI!