Rock Attitude with a little Urban Freestyle

The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is still  on going and also starting this week is the Freestyle Urban Fair . Loordes of London have a store at the Urban fair   just full of event exclusives and i am lucky enough to be able to bring you some of those well textures and stylish goodness……


ChiChickie!  *Morphin Loordes of London

*Morphin Loordes of London


Hair by ChiChickie! Store Url
ChiChickie! Annan Walnut

ChiChickie Morphin Loordes of London close up

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair  Venue Url
*Morphin Exclusive
* Morphine : Katrina Peach Skintone (Shrouded/Brown w/CL) MAin Store Url
Freestyle Urban Fair Venue Url

Loordes of London  Main Store
All Items Are Exclusive

Chieti Earrings-#1

Jacket and top combo
Cannes Biker Jacket-Brown/Buckskin 1

Sondrio Jeans-#2

The Idol-#1 1


More Fi*Friday with a hint of Time Machine

Part two of the Fi*Friday offerings from Loordes of London.  I love the style of this jacket , it will work for many era’s and style. One of those that you keep as it is so versatile.

*ARGRACE*  * Morphine  Loordes of London Ever An' Angel

* Morphine
Loordes of London Ever An’ Angel

*ARGRACE*  * Morphine  Loordes of London Ever An' Angel

* Morphine
Loordes of London Ever An’ Angel


Hair by *ARGRACE*

Skin by * Morphine
[:ME:] Juliana Tan Skintone (Blight/Light w/ CL)
Eyes by
* Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes
Loordes of London @ Fi Friday
Top by Loordes of London
The Time M achine-#2//#8/#9/#10/#11/#12

Skirt by  Ever An’ Angel
Ever An’ Angel Skinny Skirts Long – Sand

From my Inventory

Turkish Delights!!!!


Spring is on its way and in true Ever An’ Angel  style a total store revamp was in order  as well a complete new collection.  The grand opening was tonight. In fact i have just come from there and its an extremely well thought out build, allowing you to access the whole store with out having to fight the wonderful lag monster.

ever and angel new store

And as always the stock is well made with that eye for detail that we have all come to know and love from this wonderful design team.

Ever An' Angel * Morphine [elikatira] KoiKoi

Ever An’ Angel
* Morphine



[elikatira]   [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin  * Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/BrownBrow w/ CL)

Outfit  Ever An’ Angel Turkish Delights Ensemble – Rosewood

Shoe  KoiKoi WinklePickers (MEDIUM FOOT for Slink feet)

Nails  Tone – Light Valentine Nails – Scroll Work (For Slink hands)

Hands/Feet Slink Casual hands and Medium Feet

The skin you’re in at the Cellar Door

I have always tried to find good interesting things for you, that are of good quality and at a good price. Well today i think i have knocked the ball out of the court.

Firstly my great and good friend at The Skin you’re in has brought out a new skin so lets welcome  Jennifer……..

The new Jennifer Skin byt The Skin You're in

The new Jennifer Skin by The Skin You’re in

As always fantastic attention to detail and realistic. Pixel is a skin maker that puts a lot of work int o her skins but knows that we all want to be able to afford to have a few to play with.


Tukinowaguma           Rage Red(women)


Made by my brand Fab-Fae and past Pure contagion offering


Next  The Cellar Door

I found this Vendor at the recent Fantasy gatcha Event ……

So after spend a few lindens on the machine and then liking the items i got i went looking for the store.

Talk about value for your lindens i was blown away. This whole outfit   Skirt,Corset,Hood,Headband and Necklace come as a complete package and cost 100$L , and no I did not leave a Zero off.

~CD~  TSY!  Calico


Here is the info


! Cellar Door      Scarlet       Main Store


TSYI!                     Jennifer Lt Tan Standard     Main store


Calico                 Larya From the D2B  hunt Mainstore

Other hair is from Wasabi Pills


ME’s Sapphire is a Peach

one of the new skins brought out by Mirror’s Enigma is the Sapphire. As always a skin that is versatile and well crafted with lots detail and options.


[ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant) [ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL) ~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans

[ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)
[ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL)
~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans

Eyes [ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)

Skin[ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL)

~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans  New releases for Fab-Fae at one of their satellite stores  Main Store

Post number 600 and of things to come

Wow  who would have thought that i would last this long.

I have noticed since Christmas a trend in the Second life blogging world,and sadly it is not a good one. Many  of my fave bloggers are retiring and the fashion feeds seem to have lost their way a little bit.

So with all this going on in the blogging world and the way that  my real life has been treating me …. Why DO I  carry on??? what is that keeps me looking over the grid and trying to bring you things I like or feel are worth your time and effort.

After a great deal of thought i had come to a single conclusion. I love taking pictures and seeing how I can make a bunch of items fit together into something I would wear. I may be inspiring some one to try a new store or a new style. We all come to Second life for many reasons. Some view it as just a game, some a thriving community and others for love. Me I came for the creativity and to make friends as i have very poor social skills and this is my social life.

Do I blog for the review copies  no I never have done and never will. I have asked for things from sellers but it never works out. They give you a few items and then what are you expected to keep asking. My view is that is i have done a good enough job for you then i am worth adding to your blogger panel if you have one,if not keep in touch like you I have a busy sl life.


So what is the next big thing for me……In April it is the Fantasy Fair and  i am soo pleased to  have been accepted to blog  it again this year . So clear your calendar and save those lindens ..ooooh and don’t forget to turn petite/dragon/Colossus or what ever your fantasy is  for the duration …



Wow Tainted shape and shoes

Tainted Designs have added a couple of new lines to their  portfolio. Shoe and shapes. So here i am modelling the {Tainted~Designs~SmallButt~Shape} and the Tainted Fabulous MESH Shoe, along with the Rebel pink outfit.

The shoes come with a hud so you can match you skin and then choose the colour of not only the nails but the shoes themselves so great value….

{Tainted~Designs~SmallButt~Shape}{Tainted~Rebel} Pink Tainted Fabulous MESH Shoes

{Tainted~Designs~SmallButt~Shape}{Tainted~Rebel} Pink Tainted Fabulous MESH Shoes




I have a new Hunk in my life

Mirror’s Enigma have made my  life complete, grins. Let me introduce you to my alter ego  Desmond. Desmond is the new skin range brought out by [:ME:] and he is hot. He is just right  not to muscle-bound but a nice little six-pack. Well defined and very easy on the eye. (The skin is not free)

The male shape is from an old hunt i did a few years ago. Hair is from KMADD and is the hunt prize for the current Menstuff Hunt. The Camo shorts are also in the Menstuff Hunt hunt and are from JLF Men’s Wear.

Enjoy ….JJ

AKA Desmond giggles



Hair Fair 2012

At last the fair has arrived,well for us bloggers anyway. Today was press day and I have made full use of my time there. As I type this I am sat on a bench looking at all the stores and wondering how I managed to walk round them ALL yes All that when open anyway.

There is a Demo group (copy and past this in sl secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about) which I have blogged before, so you can see all the new styles that the designers have created for the event. At least 15% of all purchases go to  “Wigs for Kids”. 

So today I went and collected all the freebies and dollarbies that are available to all that attend.  I know that not all have lindens to spare  I have a very limited budget so I will be purchases a few must haves one of which will be a bandana for Bandana  day July 29th.  Here are the pictures so far. I am sure there will be more to come ……. Enjoy JJ