мση ςнєяί

мση ςнєяί have a  gift table just as you enter the store. There as gifts from January through to March and I have featured some of them before.

Today i am going to feature the burlesque outfit that comes complete with feather boa (not featured in this shot) shoes,stockings and Basque.



Hair by Truth Main Store
TRUTH HAIR Fernanda November Group Gift

Skin by * Morphine
* Morphine : Celeste Peach Skintone (Smoky/Brown w/ DCL)

Jewels by Chop Zuey Main Store
Paz Eterna 2 Pk Necklace Group Gift
Paz Eterna Pk Earrings Free


Outfit by ❉мση ςнєяί❉ Main Store
*MC* Gift (burlesque outfit) Free


Evie’s Closet

It has been a long time since i last went to Evie’s Closet and there have been some changes. gone it the store in a wonderful setting , now it have a grand house to explore all the gorgeous clothing made with style and fabulous  textures. There is an MM board which i must confess to not knowing about . So i hit with not much hope of the prize target being reach. so it was a lovely surprise to log in yesterday morning and find it had.

Here is the result along with some goodies from Chop Zuey


Hair by Truth Main Store
TRUTH HAIR Fernanda November Group Gift

Eyelashes by ❉мση ςнєяί❉ Main Store
*MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD Not Free

Skin by * Morphine
* Morphine : Celeste Peach Skintone (Smoky/Brown w/ DCL)


Jewels by Chop Zuey Main Store
Heart & Soul Bracelet Free
Heart & Soul Earrings GRoup Gift
Heart & Soul Necklace Free

Dress by Evie’s Closet Main Store
*EC* Nimue Gown – Incantation Midnight Mania

Pure Poison

There is a wonderful store called Pure Poison that have a wide ranging stock of many styles from causal to haute couture. At the moment there is available a large number of group gifts on display in the courtyard. Not sure how long these will be available . To join is free and well worth  using one of your precious  group spaces for.

I popped over and picked up a few items and also brought the Miss Venezuela Gown. long stylish and very classic in my humble opinion.

elikatira  Morphine  Pure Poison  Slink

Pure Poison


[elikatira] [e] Found – Red 05

* Morphine Beatrix Peach Skintone (Thistle/BrownBrow)

Pure Poison Gaby Necklace Group Gift

Pure Poison – Miss Venezuela Gown

Slink Casual hands

lexi-jewelry-set GG

lexi-jewelry-set GG

pure-poison-boho-time-necklace GG

pure-poison-boho-time-necklace GG



more from the garden

Pre-release gatcha garde logo 512X512

More goodies from the Gatcha Garden

Morphine  Wasabi Pills  Endorphin  pcr  POMPOSITY  KRC

Wasabi Pills


* Morphine Main Store : Lauren Tan Skin (Blush/BrownBrow)

/Wasabi Pills/ Main Store Alice Mesh Hair – Ash

Endorphin Main Store Shrug top  Black

{pcr} Tri Row Studded Bracelet – Black/Pink

POMPOSITY -Main Store –  Worded Heart Necklace – Forever

[KRC] Hero Tattoo


Red Red where fore art thou Red

Rose are Red, Violets are Blue; its takes a place like Finesmith to make jewelry for you …..

After seeing the attention to detail and the uniqueness of the designs, I joined the group which is free to join.  The necklace shown here, is one of the many gifts you can get; from the counter next to the joining board. The pack does include a pink, purple, red and white version. A necklace for all seasons.

While searching for something to wear, that would show of this fine crafted piece of jewelry; I got a message from the Cold Logic Group with their Valentine gift. To say I was blown away, is an understatement.

The clever designers at Cold Logic, have seen an issue with many mesh outfits.  Sometimes, there is a gap between the alpha layer and the outfit; which Cold Logic have solved with a Shadow tattoo layer. This give you the illusion of a shadow, that you would normally have with a skirt.

Have fun folks…………..JJ