Vintage Wasabi

Wasabi Pills are taking part in the Vintage Fair . These styles are as usual fabulous. lovely sensual styles in mesh.



Snowpaws is a wonderful store for both biggies and petites. Since getting my petite  I have been fortunate to win the MM often and have always been pleased with the gift from  it. The have a huge number of lucky boards for full size avi’s and a wall of lucky chairs for them.  Here are some of the prizes I have won of late…. Enjoy JJ

Of wings, little chickie’s and Eshi

There are many styles for a petite to wear. There is the full fae look , the fashion look  or the couture  look. so here is a look for each of theses styles and best of all the they are either free from  MM boards or on sale. There are only two full price items in this post. The hair by Hair ChiChickie! Hair Salon and the Wings by Material Squirrel.


Other stores in this post are

Snowpaws The two dresses are the recent MM board Changes

Eshi Otawara These are on sale at the moment ranging from 22$L to 150 $L as she will discontinuing the petite range. They will be  removed from store next week.


Enjoy ……..JJ

Freebie,Hunts, Lucky chairs/Letters and MM boards (Petites)

As you all know my favourite price is 0$L  so here are a few  i have picked up over the past few days.

Nature’s Hunt Summer Fantasy 2~Little Paradise~

The Hunt prize from [[A.R.C. + F.N.]]  comes in two sizes  one for full size avatar’s and one for Petites

Cool Summer Gazebo for regular size avatars

Cool Summer Gazebo for regular size avatars

Note the full size Gazebo in the background,

Cool Sumer Gazebo for Petite avatars

Cool Sumer Gazebo for Petite avatars

And just for fun


Then we have assorted MM/Letters board and Lucky Chairs

Sweet Petites

Midnight Madness

[SP] Strictly Camo Asymmetrical Top & Capri Pants - Blue [MM]

[SP] Strictly Camo Asymmetrical Top & Capri Pants – Blue [MM]

Lucky letter

Boots Petites Patterned Rainboots Pants [FOXY Petite] Night

Boots Petites Patterned Rainboots Pants [FOXY Petite] Night  [LL]


Lucky letter Balloon

PETITES Spring Princess - Blue_Lucky Letter

PETITES Spring Princess – Blue_Lucky Letter

PatchWork Heart

Lucky Chair

Shoes ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w~HUD dress PWH Petite Range Silken Green [LC] Hair Little Chickies! Hair Fair Jolene - All Colors

Shoes ThatChick’s Petites Jillybean Flats w~HUD
Dress PWH Petite Range Silken Green [LC]
Hair Little Chickies! Hair Fair Jolene – All Colors

The wonders of being a group memeber

Some times being a member of a store group can give you some nice benefits, or sometimes just info on new releases. VERO MODERO are a group that take very good care of their members,even going that extra mile. With in the store there is a 75 linden section and also a wall with all the previous group gifts  for new members to pick up. So i thought i would show you three of the gift that are available from that wall

Another store that looks after their member is Ever An’ Angel.They often have spot markdowns and group chat comps. they have the regular things like lucky chair and mm boards as well as the monthly group gift. Here is this months Group gift and also the latest prize from the MM board…..Enjoy ..JJ

A New Death

New Death Designs was first blogged by my blogging partner Miss Tease. But I have to add that am quite Jealous that she found the store before me.

I got a notice through the group that Vita’s newest creation will be the Group Gift for the next 24 hrs (midnight Tuesday) so i hurried along and picked it up. The group if free to join and there is also a low count mm board there. so hurry

Group gift

Group Gift (24 Hrs)

Lucky Chairs , Group gifts and Hunt Prizes

Three very quick pictures today.  RL has claim on  most of my day   New kitchen being installed this week so need to empty the old.

The Mesh suit from BM is a group joining gift  for their new Mesh VIP group

All the footwear from BM where either won on the letters boards or the mm board

The Pixelbish top is from my invent  and i am not able to get the landmark.

The Outfit  from .::oh shoot!::. are a hunt prize and the Pants are from the Store  for less than 40$L

And finally the skin is from The Skin You’re In and is the new Group Gift

Enjoy …………JJ


Many stores offered International Women’s day gifts, which was celebrated this week; a few have even left them out.  One of the ones that had kindly left them out, was Chandelle. So after a hectic week, i tped over and picked them up. When i arrived, there was a few people hanging about; I have to admit curiosity got the better of me; so I looked at what had gotten their interest.

There are three lucky boards, and a bench of other goodies ranging from free to 5L$.  I picked up a few of them, as well as joining the group; which is at a reasonable L$25.  Which as group fees go, is not bad and worth it for the goodies you get.

At the landing point there are benches, just outside the store.  On the other side is the group gifts, from past and present.

Enjoy the finds……………JJ

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SF Designs

SF Designs are one of the grids, best known stores. They have a Monday Mania board every, erm let me see; oh yes every Monday *giggles*.   It is always worth having a look at, as there are some great items to be had.   It is set to a reasonable 25 $L, so here is last weeks mania prize to show you the quality of the gifts in it

Jumpsuit by SF Designs (past Monday Mania)

I am also wearing the ladies gift, from the casual side of SF Designs.  The heart boots, are still available instore, The men also got boots, but well they where just not my style; so I asked paddy to show them for me

SF Design male boots with and with out pant cuff

If that isn’t enough, they also have a wide range of formal wear; that is held in the formal store in the mall. They provide a tuxedo and shoes for the gents, plus an elegant ball gown for the ladie; with shoes of course.

SF Design Formal gifts

Newness in old places

Recently it was my 3rd rezz day.


To me this amazing, the fact that I have been in sl that long; plus logged in almost every day.  It’s become like a permanent thing in my life, where I truly do live a Second Life.   I have friends, a wonderful job as an events manager and even have a hobby.   So to reminisce a little about old times, I thought it would be good; to look up some of those stores I used when I first came to SL.  The first one of these is Thalia.

Thalia Hottie Jeans Outfit - Black

SL is very fluid, in that things move and change more rapidly than in RL.  Tracking down Thalia, it has moved and been revamped; but still packed with lots of good quality items and lots of choice.  Hitting the MM boards and grabbing a lucky chair, here are the spoils of my visit…..Have fun JJ

Thalia Lolita Dress - Pink

Thalia Mini Dress