A word to the Wise

There is so much going on at the moment that, like some other well known blogger i am feeling a little stretch and under pressure,.Not just because of the blog but getting ready for a Fair that i will be having a stall, my first EEEVVVEEEERRRR. So in order to bring you all the goodies  my post will be very light on words. Simplicity is the order of the day.

So Lets start with a new offering from * Morphine  at the Freestyle Urban Fair

[elikatira]  *Morphine  ::WetCat::



Hair by [elikatira]
[e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin by *Morphine @Freestyle Urban Fair
*Morphine : FreyaV2 Peach Skintone (Dread/Light w/CL)

Outfit by *Morphine @100 Block Fair 2014
* Morphine : Kami Bikini Top (Red)
* Morphine : Over Knee Boots (Red)
* Morphine: Kami Latex Skirt (Red)
TRPH5 #10 ::WetCat::

[elikatira] *Morphine  ::WetCat::


All the same as above but with

Skin by *Morphine @Freestyle Urban Fair 

* Morphine : FreyaV2 Peach Skintone (Natural/Light w/CL)

* Morphine : Freya Neutral Plain Lips



The eye’s have it………….

AS you all know i only wear Mirror’s Enigma skins. Recently with here latest addition of Heather she brought out two eye shadow sets.

Here is the  Heather Indecisive Eye-shadows set . I am wearing  Heather Peach Skin-tone (Nude/Light-brow w/ CL) as my base skin.


 Heather Indecisive Eyeshadows

Heather Indecisive Eyeshadows

I am wearing the bikini and personal island that where in the occasional lucky chair at  **Boudoir**

How the West was won…..Sorta

Mirror’s Enigma have released another in their fabulous skin range. This time its Heather and a fine Scottish lass she looks too.

(sorry had to add that in grins) . she comes in three skin tones :-  Peach, Medium and Tan. Along with a ton of makeup layers for you to make your own look.

I am showing the Heather Medium Skin tone (Blight/Brown Brow) With Model shape and  Infinity Eye Color (Gray) in the photos below.

Discord Mirror's enigma DFO

Mirror’s enigma

Other things in the posting :-


Discord Designs – Codie  from the System Failure hunt  this is on going till the 17th Nov Fab-Free


This complete outfit from * Mon Cheri *


dfo! [tsh] gone huntin’  Pose not in store

Discord Mirror's Enigma DFO MC

Mirror’s Enigma

Coyote Ugly for Ever and Angel

Woooooooooo  Hoooooo Dancing on the bar at the Drunken Bunneh is soooo much fun ………Shame i was all alone. Too much of a good thing can make you do strange things ,well this is sl what did you expect.

Newness for those wonderful ladies at Ever An’ Angel.

Ever An' Angel Night Out

Ever An’ Angel Night Out

Ever An’ Angel Element Boots – Labradorite

Tone  by Ever An’ Angel – Lip Stains – Deep Trouble – Burnt Shine

Ever An’ Angel Mesh & System Leggins Coal

Ever An’ Angel Drew On My Sweater – Ombre Water

[:ME:] Sapphire Medium Skintone (Summer/Brunette w/ CL)
Mirror’s Enigma

[Alice Project] tastes like rainbow! from the Taste the Rainbow Hunt

Photo taken in Ever and Angel Land

ME’s Sapphire is a Peach

one of the new skins brought out by Mirror’s Enigma is the Sapphire. As always a skin that is versatile and well crafted with lots detail and options.


[ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant) [ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL) ~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans

[ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)
[ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL)
~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans

Eyes [ME] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)

Skin[ME] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Summer~Brown w~CL)

~FF~ Koi green Blouse and khaki jeans  New releases for Fab-Fae at one of their satellite stores  Main Store

[Modern.Couture] [[[[NOISE]]] PURE

Some items from the latest round of the Pure Perfection sale room

[Modern Couture][NOISE] PURE Mirrors Enigma [Bamboo] Nails Similar

[Modern Couture][NOISE]
Mirrors Enigma [Bamboo] Nails Similar

Pure Perfection

Hair      [Modern.Couture] Hair – Leona     Main Store

Earrings      [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Royal Earring Pink


Shirt & Jacket      [[[[NOISE]]]      Shirt Suishi & Rolled Sleeve Jacket      Main Store

Skirt      PURE – {Mesh} Tube Mini Skirt – Floral      Main Store


SKin      [:ME:] Audrey Peach Skintone (Natural/Brown w/ CL) Main Store
[:ME:] Audrey Lips Shade (07 Dark w/ Teeth)
[:ME:] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)

Nails      [Bamboo] Nails – Tuxedo      Main Store

Shoes Similar Taranto Shoes Red Main Store
Location      **Orsini** Free Photostudio



Burning with Enigma

This is a the new skin form Mirror’s Engima in yet another makeup options. The dress is a limited edition from Fab-Fae.

Mirror's Enigma [Bamboo]  [RA]  Artistry by ~ E ~  Fab-Fae

Mirror’s Enigma [Bamboo]
Artistry by ~ E ~

Skin [:ME:] Audrey Peach Skintone (Natural/Ash w/ CL) Mains Store
Audrey Lips Shade (01 Regular w/ Teeth)

Nails [Bamboo] Nails – Tuxedo Main Store

Hair [RA] Jess Hair – Brown Cocoa Main Store

Jewels Artistry by ~ E ~ The PTT Set – RUBY Main Store

Dress Burning Desires Mains Store





Rezz Week Presents

My good friend Pixel Perfect is holding a rezz week present fest at her store The Skin You’re In’!. Every day for this week there will be a free gift for the group members.

Today’s gift is a lovely mesh bikini . This is in soft pastels with ties at the hips and the back of the halter top. I am showing it with the skin that will be the gift on the 28th Called  TSYI! Shanna Rezz Exclusive.

Shanna come with shape, different eyebrow options, with and with out cleavage. Also included are tattoo layers for dimples, pink blush and freckles.  All you need for the different looks with in sl.

Bikini for 24th Skin for 28th

Bikini for 24th
Skin for 28th

other info

Hair by [elikatira] [e] Locked – Blonde 07

Shoes and accessories by Seahole   now closed