Advent D4 P2

As always i love my job here is todays offering from Artistry by ~ E ~ with another make up skin option of the Freya skin by [:Mirror’s Enigma:] [:ME:] Freya Peach Skintone (Blush/LightBrow F w/ CL)


Artistry by ~ E ~  [:Mirror's Enigma:]

Artistry by ~ E ~
[:Mirror’s Enigma:]


Ti’s the season of Advent D2

From now till after the Christmas madness and yes i do mean MADNESS  my postings will more in the way of signposts to good items. Some free some not.Most will be made by my friends and designers I admire.

This post is about Freya and a winters night

Artistry by ~ E ~  Mirror's Enigma

Artistry by ~ E ~
Mirror’s Enigma


Mirror’s Enigma

Freya Peach Skintone (Natural~BrownBrow w~CL)


Artistry by ~ E ~

The Day 2 Set *winternight*

Hair and outfit past event gifts.