The skin you’re in at the Cellar Door

I have always tried to find good interesting things for you, that are of good quality and at a good price. Well today i think i have knocked the ball out of the court.

Firstly my great and good friend at The Skin you’re in has brought out a new skin so lets welcome  Jennifer……..

The new Jennifer Skin byt The Skin You're in

The new Jennifer Skin by The Skin You’re in

As always fantastic attention to detail and realistic. Pixel is a skin maker that puts a lot of work int o her skins but knows that we all want to be able to afford to have a few to play with.


Tukinowaguma           Rage Red(women)


Made by my brand Fab-Fae and past Pure contagion offering


Next  The Cellar Door

I found this Vendor at the recent Fantasy gatcha Event ……

So after spend a few lindens on the machine and then liking the items i got i went looking for the store.

Talk about value for your lindens i was blown away. This whole outfit   Skirt,Corset,Hood,Headband and Necklace come as a complete package and cost 100$L , and no I did not leave a Zero off.

~CD~  TSY!  Calico


Here is the info


! Cellar Door      Scarlet       Main Store


TSYI!                     Jennifer Lt Tan Standard     Main store


Calico                 Larya From the D2B  hunt Mainstore

Other hair is from Wasabi Pills


Taste the Rainbow…………….wobniaR ehT etsaT

Taste the Rainbow hunt is on at the moment.  This hunt is like me Small but Perfectly formed. The Prizes are mind-blowing to say the least ,well in my humble opinion they are.

Bright Vibrant colours ,style,imagination and all free .

Now  what skin could i possible wear that would not look dull against those myriad of colours…..Why only Mirror’s Enigma will do and it just so happens her new  skin is out.

Let me introduce you to Sapphire a lovely young lady with many options including as shown here lola’s for that hour glass figure

Mirror's Enigma  Alice Project  Deviance  !dM deviousMind

Mirror’s Enigma
Alice Project
!dM deviousMind

Eyes           [:ME:] Infinity Eye Color (Enchant)
Shape        [:ME:] G2W Special Shape (Mesh M)
Skin            [:ME:] Sapphire Peach Skintone (Cherry~Brown w~CL)

Taste the Rainbow hunt

Hair Alice Project – Alexis Glitter/Rainbow Streaks – Naturals Main Store

Wings Deviance – Titania Fairy Wings – Rainbow Main Store

Corset !dM deviousMind “Sweet Rose Valentina” **RAINBOW** Main Store

Pose   (*chanimations luckyChair – “SingBird”   Main Store

Under the Sea part two

The Under The Sea Expo - Official Logo


The Setting for the Expo is heaven for all merfolk. Wonderfully designed and for me very little lag.  All the pictures shown so far are from the setting so enjoy. But do remember to put your light setting to the sim.

so here are the first of my latest pictures


This is a wonderfully sexy mermaid costume by FantaSea. Allowing you to lure the mermen with your sexy curve. The pose is one of many benches about the sim . All adding to the allure.

The skin is my regular From Mirror’s Enigma Luisa.

the Muse

This is one of the many offerings from The Muses it comes in 7 Different colours all with great attention to detail as you have come to expect form The Muses

And finally an offering from :{MV}:

Death Maiden Mergown - Toxic

Death Maiden Mergown – Toxic

Hair here is by Wababi Pills


fantasy faire #11

keeping up up the fantasy theme right up until the doors close here are some more goodies..Southpaw have all the items any self respecting elf would want….lovely jewels and powerful staffs………….

FF2013 Wiz Spellfire Staff FF2013 Elven Jewelry Set

FF2013 Wiz Spellfire Staff
FF2013 Elven Jewelry Set


It is worth noting that the skin I used for this was from Mirror’s Enigma  Sofia Fair Skintone and the hair is from Tameless :- Tameless Cher  – Blondes


Fantasy faire #6

As always  there is moves to keep the lag down as low as possible so do remeber to descript and try and wear a low arc cloting as possible. to help with this fight  Plastik  have made an exclusive skin for the event…… The human version with me holding a Magician owl i won out of a catcha

Human skin for the faireMeremaid version

Mermaid Skin for the FaireThese are available at most tp sites and are free  …so collect yours now



Fantasy Faire #5

FF2013LogoOnPurple512There are different types of fantasy creatures that are represented in the faire and many wonderful sims,sights and sounds to experience. here are a few that i have come across.  From stores  just being built  ……

work in progressTo full ready and waiting for you to explore.

Veiled Emporium store finihsedThere is even treasure to be found in the Veiled Emporuim

treasures for Veiled Emporium

The hat,maps.sword and drinks are all treasures to be found in the the pirate gold ……..what wonders will you find at the Faire????





Fantasy Faire #3



FF2013LogoOnPurple512Hi yes its me again……..I did warn you for the next two weeks  the fair and all it does to raise money for finding the cure for Cancer is  top topic  on this blog she is another  enjoyable post


Next store on my list is Arianna Design’s owned byArianna Voltaire to quote Ari herself  “I am a Designer in SL for 7 years creating Neko Items. I was the 2nd to create neko skins when sl was so young.”. she has been joining the RFL fight since the start of the the Fantasy Faire’s. so with out further ado, here is her Relay for life offering……I have teamed this up with one of the silks form the Heartstone’s another Fantasy Faire retailer that i showcased in the previous FF posting.

 RFL Exclusive Female Neko A

RFL Exclusive Female Neko A

And here is one of the many items you will be able to purchase at the faire

AD-Canine~Inu  Full Junkyard Female Set-Black

AD-Canine~Inu Full Junkyard Female Set-Black

I should add that both tails shown come with their own hud’s and have my actions and are also xcite compatible