ChiChickie! At the Hair Fair

ChiChickie! are also at this years hair fair and I am please to show you their standard avatar offerings in this post….later i will show you their petite offerings.

Enjoy the pictures


Ploom are at the Fair this year . Their styles are modern with huge numbers of options and with a flair for the stylish . Here are the styles on offer in short order and an showcasing shot of one of my fave colour combinations…Enjoy

And now a word from the FREE/Cheapie

Yes I did say free/Cheapie.  I have two places with wonderful offers for you .

My first is on of my fave designers Ever’An Angel. This weekend they have five yes 5 freebies for you to find.

Two in the gown store . Two in the casual and one up in the new silks store  Gilded Lily Silks.  I am showing you three of the 5

so you still have something to hunt for.

Next There is a store hunt at Ricielli. This one is for Mothers and all items in the hunt are 15 lindens and there

are only 20 items split over two of the stores on the sim. You are looking for big red hearts. Have fun …..JJ

The soft flow of Silks

Ever An’ Angel have opened a new store and as an opening gift they are giving away a free outfit. This is a lovely flowing silk, delicate and sexy.

The store is called Gilded Lily Silks and here is the opening gift

Gilded Lily Silks - Elaheh - Ice Mint

Gilded Lily Silks – Elaheh – Ice Mint

Also this weekend, at their main store,  they are having a sale of all tops and bottoms till sunday night so hurry

Here is a complete outfit I won in one of their group chat trivia tests grins help to like William Morris

Ever An’ Angel *MESH* Lotus Garden

when Angels see red

Ever An Angel have just released a lovely red raw silk dress, with a very small but sexy side split; which is topped with a little rosette.  All very elegant and sexy, but not overly so. This is a mesh dress, so some alteration to shape may be required.  I have mentioned this before, I put a the E&A shape in my store folder; saves a lot of time and hassle.


Also they have brought out a lovely, two tiered vintage skirt skirt; that works well with their mesh boots and the Doddle tops.  A complete casual look, but with the up to date style

Two Tiered Vintage Skirt Russet~Bronze MESH Vintage Boots Taupe

The Doodle tops come in Sleeveless as shown in the above image and long sleeve and a how rainbow of colours, I recommend them as a must have in your wardrobe.

Happy New Year

Seems that 2012, is off to a wonderful start for me in sl.  I logged on to a notice, from one of my fave stores Ever’An Angel.  They were informing us all, that they have left 12; yes 12 new year gifts for us all hidden round the sim. Now to a seasoned hunter like me, they were easy to find; but it was still fun to look at all their great clothing again. So having collected them all, naturally I had to try out all 12 for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you like, on behalf of Ever’An Angel; Happy New Year everyone………JJ

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Half price Angels

Ever’nAngel are having a 50% sale, on ALL their stock for a short period of time over the festive season. When I say all Stock, I really do mean all stock.  Boots, shoes, casual, formal.  So hurry over and get that bargain outfit, you have been looking at recently.

Here are some of the things I have collected, but have not had time to blog.

All the boots are Mesh, but the rest are a mix match of Mesh and non Mesh clothing.  So be careful what you purchase, unless you are using a mesh friendly viewer.

Enjoy JJ

The (short) hair in the top picture, is called Clementine (Cinnamon) by Wasabi Pills and is their latest release

What can I say I AM an Angel

Ok I am sure by now you know how much I love this store  might as well rename this blog to “The goodness of 4EVER being an ANGEL”.  Honest I try to stay away………………………..

Here are the lastest new gowns form the wonderful ladies enjoy

Tafetta Angel Gown – Indigo (not Free)


 Lotus Gown Silver – Fuchsia (0$l for today)


Meshness an a challenge

So what happens if you have a long converation with one of the owners of your fave fashion house and express the desire to take pics of their wonder attire in  a way that shows the designs to their best.

The answer if you are lucky is they give you a review copy and then tell how they want the picture taken.

sound easy well its not . Taking a picture that shows the lace in all its delicateness and the way the dress stay put when you sit down or move in awkward pose. Yet still look like it is not a fashion shoot is HHHHHHAAAAARRRRRDDDDD i tell you . And when the dress screams out at you DATE well there is only one think to do….. Find a handsome young man and go dancing.  Which is what I did

Alainn *MESH*  Gown – Grape at Ever’an Angel

and just to prove i had a handsome fella with me