Fly fish Dwarfin style

Fly Fish with Dwarfin, The House of Avro, KittyCatS.


Avatar : Dwarfin @ Fright Fest  Female Devil Avatar Free pumpkin Prize

All Other things : Pumpkin Prizes @ Fright Fest .

Hat @ BackpackFree Halloween Trick or Treat gifts from The House of Avro

Flying Cat : KittyCatS – ScareCrow on Broom (frightfest)

Fly fishing @ Dwarfins :A Fantasy Dwarf Community (not 7 Seas)     Windlight settings Default

Oh to be a Rock head now that Easter is here

For those that have been following my blog you know I am a little  not right in the head……Grins. Well what can a girl say  I just love being a Dwarfin with out the beard. So I was happily surprised that the Easter group gift  is very generous indeed. Two female Avatars and two Male with bunny ears and tail as added bonus. The Group is free to join and once you have been bitten by the Dwarfin bug you will never be the same mwahhhhaaahhh………

some info This is the main Dwarfin website where all is explained and you mortal soul is in danger.  You tube video  explaining the concept and introducing the creators of this wonder inworld beings  Dwarfin homeland where all your Dwarfin needs will be met ….you may never see the world again   giggles


Dwarfins Rigged Avatar - Female Provincial

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar – Female Provincial

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar - Female Rustic

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar – Female Rustic

Dark Dimension Hunt

621. Julianna Jonstone 10/25/’13, 7:04 am 117h 14′

Read it and weep for me  I am soooooooooo slow. This is my finishing stat for the hunt. I can tell you if if where not for the one prize I really wanted i would have walked.

While this hunt is not difficult it is not easy either, add in to the mix lag and PC issues and i told them all this morning i was  done,didda,zip,zilcha. But then I relented …… I so wanted …………..Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea 7

this cute Dwarfin to add to my collection …………so with pleading eyes i got my fast on the draw hubby to work the PC while I told him what to do and finally I completed the last scene.

some links to help you on your way

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Blog Spot how to get started


Here are some of the other rewards for all your hard work………..

Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea4 Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea2 Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea 6 Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea 5 Dark Dimension hunt by Madpea 3