F r o s t by Depraved Nation

One of the other events happening about the grid is the Depraved Nation Frost event that ends on the 5th January 2014. There are presents under the tree waiting for you to come pick them up… here are my choices along with part of the P.O.E prize from Inga winds…

*Alice Project*  .::( r e d ) M i n t::.  adoness: *Citrus*  even.flow Juxtapose *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

*Alice Project*
.::( r e d ) M i n t::.
*IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Hair *Alice Project* Delirium – Ultra Violet past hunt prize

Skin and Nails (r)M ~ D!va ~ gG.12’13 (lighter eyeBrows) and (r) M ~ No.13 ~ Manicure

Eyes Adoness – Swirls in My Eyes – Emerald

Jewels *Citrus* Portland Daisy Earring and necklace

Dress POE6 GLOBE #018 – *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Shoes even.flow Bow Heels “Mistletoe”

Pose Juxtapose – Hope & Faith F R O S T 2013 Gift


All in the Pink

Depraved nation are hosting the Pink Fusion Hunt  and as I  have not done a hunt in a while I thought it would be good for me to venture out and see what is out there for you guys.  Now as I said its been a while and yes rl is still kicking my butt. What with fighting depression and  also members of the family have been ill and undergoing surgeries  so far 2013  is living up to its unlucky number.

With all that said here are a few things I picked up in the hunt and also a new offering from Mirror’s Enigma.

#25 Cheeky spike Heels! Mesh Pink Fusion

#11 Gawk! I LOVE PINK Long Shirt

#34 Mirror’s Enigma – Medow (PF) Mesh Skinny Jeans

Here are the details about the skin and makeup also by Mirror’s engima Croix Light Skintone (Blush),Naturelle (n): Dark Blue Eyes,Croix Eye Shadow (V02L),

Croix Natural Lips (N12)

and Finally the hair

Hair by [Elikatira] Locked – Blonde 07

[ME] Croix Light Skintone (Blush) [ME] Croix Light Skintone (Blush)2