Pure R four with a little gird searching

XH Davenport Fedora

XH Davenport Fedora

Round four of the Pure Perfection sale room  has just started so as they say once more with feeling

Here is the look

La Fleur   Mirror's Enigma  blah BLAH blah Tameless Clutter

La Fleur
Mirror’s Enigma
blah BLAH blah Tameless

La Fleur  Mirror's Enigma blah BLAH blah Tameless La Fleur Carla High Platform Sandals Leather Intense Red Tameless MargieThe Info

Hat  XH Davenport Fedora Main Store 

HAir Tameless- Naturals Main Store

Skin [:ME:]Mirror’s Enigma Audrey Peach Skintone (Smoky~Ash w~CL) Aslso for shape and eyes
Main Store

blah.BLAH.blah*MESH*Tapria Denim Short Alls Main Store

Feet La Fleur: Carla High Platform Sandals -Leather Intense Red Main Store

Pose from the Grid the world hunt clutter Main Store

PP R3 Look 16

Sweet 16


Look 16

blah~BLAH~blah3 Damselfly [Mock] Cosmetics [Blossom]

blah~BLAH~blah3 Damselfly
[Mock] Cosmetics

Pure perfection      http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Commerce%20Island/65/231/2498

Outfit blah.BLAH.blah3      *MESH* Nia Beaded Top & Denim Mini  Main Store 
Hair Fair

Hair      *~*Damselfly*~*     Elaine Free Hair for *Hair Fair*  Main Store



Make up        [Mock] Cosmetics     Priscilla Eyelashes and frostbite Lips    Main Store

Shoes      [Blossom]      Teal Chained –         Main Store


▶ ▷ WHAT’S A GACHA ◁ ◀

so what is a Gacha. They seem to have taken over the stores all over the grid. Cheap ones,dear ones and even free ones. So when i came across an explanation on a note card from a friend i thought  arrrhhh lets inform the masses

Gachas: … most time, little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one price you set (lower than regular !!).
Goods are given by principle of contingency.
Designers who make copy and no transfer products often setup a extra gacha series. ^^
Gacha items are no copy but transfer and can be given as gift, when you got one double, when playing.

There is a whole net work out there for Gacha and at the moment the  ▶ ▷ Solar Eclipse◁ ◀ event happening

Here are SOME of the items you can purchase

Gaea Designs

~GL~ Starry Slip Ons

~GL~ Starry Slip Ons


blah.BLAH.blah Velvet Corset

blah.BLAH.blah Velvet Corset


HINAKO Hair Evaline Mocha

HINAKO Hair Evaline Mocha

*N@N@* Bag Bless

*N@N@* Bag Bless

*N@N@* Bag Bless


ZERO COOL Designz Gacha

ZERO COOL Designz Gacha trainers