Oh to be a Rock head now that Easter is here

For those that have been following my blog you know I am a little  not right in the head……Grins. Well what can a girl say  I just love being a Dwarfin with out the beard. So I was happily surprised that the Easter group gift  is very generous indeed. Two female Avatars and two Male with bunny ears and tail as added bonus. The Group is free to join and once you have been bitten by the Dwarfin bug you will never be the same mwahhhhaaahhh………

some info

http://www.dwarfins.com/ This is the main Dwarfin website where all is explained and you mortal soul is in danger.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAQzKgUb6ec  You tube video  explaining the concept and introducing the creators of this wonder inworld beings

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dwarfins/128/128/24  Dwarfin homeland where all your Dwarfin needs will be met ….you may never see the world again   giggles


Dwarfins Rigged Avatar - Female Provincial

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar – Female Provincial

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar - Female Rustic

Dwarfins Rigged Avatar – Female Rustic

Fantasy Faire #7



So we come to the last stages of the Faire and i would like to show you one of the most unique avatars i have come across in a while . The Hippocampus by HOOF IT is unique but a great deal of fun.





Street Kandy – Zoe

When I first introduced Street Kandy, the range of clothing created by Tinagee; I made reference to the Full Avatar range she had created.  Last night I was lucky enough to speak with my namesake Tina, who was just as vibrant and energetic as her clothing.

Very much like our other skin designer we have highlighted, Tina came to SL seeing that there was a market for good quality; but affordable skins.  Street Kandy though, takes it that one step further; by offering a full Avatar for a great low cost.  I was honoured to showcase, one of her newer avi’s called Zoe.

For the L$299, you get this whole look.  In the box we have the following –

  • Skin
  • Shape
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Shoes
  • Dress
  • Alternate Make Up Tattoo Layer
  • Bangles
  • Choker

I’ve seen Full Avatars, with less than this; costing over double the price.

Here is some more close up shots, which just go to show the detail and quality you are getting.

While the hair does look ‘wild’, it actually goes well with the whole look; as you can see by my using my regular hair style.


The shape is perhaps a little thinner than I would normally like, but proportionally; it is sensual and appealing.

The dress and shoes are very much the Street Kandy urban/street style.   Which I am starting to like a lot more, when not wearing my latex gear that is *smiles*.

If your new to SL, or just wanting to try a completely different look; I would recommend visiting the store in the basement.  You never know, you might get to see one of the 4 new Avatars; Tina is releasing shortly.

The Meta Body Project

There is a Art project called  The Meta Body Project where there are a number of full avatars for you to use to make your own statement about what your avatar means to you .

Here is a link that explains the idea and reason in a much better and fuller way than I ever could Ensconced in Velvet.

I chose three to show you. Three  took my attention as being for me the most likely to express how i feel about my avatar and I  will work on a scene to create that shows my thoughts.

They are from left to right  Silver, Aqua and Fog

Enjoy the space and the avatars and let your imagination flow