oops Ever’nAngel had an accident

Ever An’ Angel have moved. Now lots of panic in group as it was announced that they would be closing the store for a period of like more than two days and that they would be back after a small hiatus. buuzzzzzz wrong it seems that moving store did not take that long and so as a thank you for all our patience there is a small store hunt on.

There are a number of ad boards that seem to have been hung up   “upside Down” in error and marked as free. Now i know you alls are smart cookies so hop over there quick not sure how long this will last.

Here are the items I found  Happy hunting ……JJ

Style card

Outfits/Various….. Ever An’ Angel   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ever%20Ever%20Land/183/82/2009

Shoes …… DLS  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Envision/129/136/1749

Tights/Eyes …… SongBird  Tight http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20of%20Shadows/201/215/751

Hair…….. Wasabi Pill /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair – Powder http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coraline/206/135/53

Skin/Various…….. Mirror’s Enigma  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soul%20Destination/200/180/23

Pose…….. Di’s Opera – Picture Me 2 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire84/36/79/21


wrapping up warm

Ever An’ Angel have a new group gift out. They have been very busy over there,lots of new stock and as always in their own wonderfully detailed and elegant style.

The Gift is from their new range of winter coats. It fits great and the “skirt”part flows with you. What always amazes me is the thought that goes in to the designs  Most would not bother to texture the inside of the “skirt” part of the coat  but not  here . When the lining is showing as you move it shows a contracting silk pattern so complimentary to the over all design.

Ever An' Angel Group GC Winter Skate Coat - Coal

Ever An’ Angel Group GC Winter Skate Coat – Coal

Wait do I hear Angel wings ????

It’s been a while since I let my addiction to Ever an’ Angel show on the blog. Must feed the habit grins.

Here are some of the recent goodies that was sent to me for review and as usual the ladies have out done themselves, Lovely subtle colours that recall the spring summer feel. It’s nearly been a year since I first found their on little store and now the do a whole range  shoes, clothing and jewelery. Proving that even in times of low economy  good quality will always sell,

Here are the pictures ………..Enjoy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JJ

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I am so Anglic

Ever’an Angel have been very busy. I visited the sim which I have not done in a while and wow what a change. When I first found them they only had one store on the plot. Now they have 4 yes 4   one for each style of clothing :- gowns, Casals , jewellery and shoes.

so I have a few things I want to show your from these wonderful designers some are review copies and so are not free others are from Grandma’s Attic and are either free or one linden and there also April’s group gift ……Enjoy JJ

Calling all Angels

Those of you who have read this blog, travelled with me on this journey in to sl; know I LOVE this store, Ever an’ Angel. Their designs are sexy, without being trashy and very detail in style.

So when a notice went out asking for bloggers, you can just bet I jumped at the chance; to show case their designs. Seriously, they haven’t disappointed.

Here’s the official Spiel

Ever An’ Angel’s magical clothing creator is Ever Courtois (formerly of Silk & Satyr).  We specialize in clothing that is sensual, yet classy and tastefully different.  We have a gown store where all of our gowns always debut at 500L.  We want SL women to have the chance to own beautiful clothes without breaking the SL bank.  We also have a casuals store where we feature sweaters, skirts, boots, shirts, blazers and so much more.  Ever loves to work with both prim clothing as well as MESH.

Style information

Ever An’ Angel – Lettres D’Amour Outfit ~ Fraise

Dress and shoes, are the from this wonderful romantic range. They feature a necklace, that if you click the little envelope; you will get a valentine message from Ever and Angel.  Cute smiles.

Ever An’ Angel Redoute Gown Outfit ~ Plume

A lovely Gown, that a subtle patterning in purple; with delicate shoes to match with silk roses on the side. This has been styled with the wonderful detailed, Grandma’s Cameo set also in Plum.

For February we have the gorgeous, flirty dress in their “Wrapped” series; called Dark Chocolate.    With its elegant gloves, provocative stockings and come hither heels you absolutely NEED this in your closet!!!

Ever An’ Angel – Dolci Gown Outfit Dress ~ Creme D’Menthe

A lovely shimmering dress, that draws your eye to its delicate lace and the pale rose at the waist. The shoes, have the same matching detail and this has all been teamed up with Ever An’ Angel – Dolci Necklace & Earrings – Creme D’Menthe

Ever An’ Angel – Redoute Cocktail Dress

This is a Mesh dress, so will move with you; all this means is no more legs poking through or odd angles.  This has been set with matching shoes, again with the lovely silk flower details; plus the very stylish and highly detailed  Grandma’s Cameos Set – Antique

Happy New Year

Seems that 2012, is off to a wonderful start for me in sl.  I logged on to a notice, from one of my fave stores Ever’An Angel.  They were informing us all, that they have left 12; yes 12 new year gifts for us all hidden round the sim. Now to a seasoned hunter like me, they were easy to find; but it was still fun to look at all their great clothing again. So having collected them all, naturally I had to try out all 12 for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you like, on behalf of Ever’An Angel; Happy New Year everyone………JJ

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Half price Angels

Ever’nAngel are having a 50% sale, on ALL their stock for a short period of time over the festive season. When I say all Stock, I really do mean all stock.  Boots, shoes, casual, formal.  So hurry over and get that bargain outfit, you have been looking at recently.

Here are some of the things I have collected, but have not had time to blog.

All the boots are Mesh, but the rest are a mix match of Mesh and non Mesh clothing.  So be careful what you purchase, unless you are using a mesh friendly viewer.

Enjoy JJ

The (short) hair in the top picture, is called Clementine (Cinnamon) by Wasabi Pills and is their latest release