Catching a Star

Marrying things from stores can be a very delicate game us bloggers play. I have these wonderful boots from Gauze and try as I might I could not think a  thing to wear (usual female cry I hear you males mutter) so when I get like that I nose through my blog and flickr and see if inspiration hits.

Well to day it did . I have blogged this outfit before….but still love it…….Enjoy


Hair : [Gauze] Unseelie – Gems

Skin : * Morphine : Aunrae Quin Skin (Smoky/WhiteBrow w/CL)

Eyes : [Gauze] Arcane-Fel-Human [R] & Arcane-Mana-Human [L]

Cosmetics : Madrid Solo– Full Face Design- Blue Heaven Full

NailPolish : Dark Passions DP – Koffin Nails – Modern Grid

Hands : Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Accessories :

Goggles : PIXEL BOX – Steampunk Goggles “The Exception”

Necklace : PIXEL BOX – Steampunk necklace Clock

Dress : PIXEL BOX – Steampunk Mechanical Angel

Boots : [Gauze] BP – Swift Boots – Naturals

-Silly, Spoiled, Whore-

-Silly, Spoiled, Whore- is a new store to me. They carry mainly shoes at a very reasonable price. A friend of mine told me about them and showed me the three pairs of shoes that she purchased from  market place. While she was showing me i took pictures  so thanks penny.

Here are the three pairs she purchaced at 15 lindens a pair

Here is the info

-Silly, Spoiled, Whore--SSW- Rockstar shoes 01

-Silly, Spoiled, Whore--SSW- Rockstar shoes 03

-Silly, Spoiled, Whore- -SSW- Cute Shoes Black Market place

Turkish Delights!!!!


Spring is on its way and in true Ever An’ Angel  style a total store revamp was in order  as well a complete new collection.  The grand opening was tonight. In fact i have just come from there and its an extremely well thought out build, allowing you to access the whole store with out having to fight the wonderful lag monster.

ever and angel new store

And as always the stock is well made with that eye for detail that we have all come to know and love from this wonderful design team.

Ever An' Angel * Morphine [elikatira] KoiKoi

Ever An’ Angel
* Morphine



[elikatira]   [e] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin  * Morphine : Kazumi Peach Skintone (Dainty/BrownBrow w/ CL)

Outfit  Ever An’ Angel Turkish Delights Ensemble – Rosewood

Shoe  KoiKoi WinklePickers (MEDIUM FOOT for Slink feet)

Nails  Tone – Light Valentine Nails – Scroll Work (For Slink hands)

Hands/Feet Slink Casual hands and Medium Feet

The Post that nearly never made it!!!???

I rarely put out an editorial piece ………… I think this will be my 3rd one.

While my blog is not the most read the most discussed or in any major way noticed, I do try my best to post about interesting things an not just pin others hard work to my blog. I do not think I have had anything bad to say about any of the items shown in the nearly 5 years of this blog.

Well today I am. I will not mention name or store in question, but I am sure those that know the person/store talked about will pick up on it.

I LOVE the dresses that are given away free each week by Bee Dumpling of the White Amoury ( if you wish to join the group Contact Ida Donardson for an invite!).  Now this weeks dress came with a tiara but no necklace (not complaining) so i went in search of one to wear.

Now I know a very skilled Sl Jeweler that make items that are very based on real life jewels in the way they shine and sparkle. While searching the items on display she immed me and asked what I was looking for so i told her. The outcome was a lovely commissioned piece that i totally love. I liked the resulting picture so much i have used a close of it as my profile picture. So that’s the back ground.

Now why am I wasting you time with this ….

As a  consumer after i have purchased an item i do not want the maker telling me what i should/could wear it with. If i choose to mix and match my apparel that is MY choice not theirs. If i wish to wear a full diamond tiara with a pair of  ripped jeans and a boob tube I will   that’s my choice.

Please designers if you want your items blogged in a certain way  then ask your own bloggers  to do that……. I am in a number of clothing store blogger  groups a and if they want items showcased together they ask. But if a blogger  who is not associated with your store chooses to  pay for and use something   from you  just let them get on with it,they have the editorial right to showcase items as they feel.

So here is the picture and the url for the dress is already in the posting

Rock your Rack

Yes you read it right Rock Your Rack . This is another in a series of events that happen within sl  with the aim to raise funds for Cancer research. This one is as the title suggests in aid of Breast Cancer.

The event runs from 26th sept to the 1st Oct and every merchant has items that a percentage goes to the charity.

One of the 100% items is the Dirgesinger in Cherry by  Poet’s Heart. This comes in at 500$L but it all goes to the charity and there are lots of options with the outfit. The harp is animated and I love the hat.

Mirror's Enigma Gia Pawpad Poet's Heart

Mirror’s Enigma
Gia Pawpad Poet’s Heart


[:ME:] Socordia V2 Pale Skintone (Shade)
Gia Pawpad/ – “LoQ Hair” Hair Att. For Hats platinum old hunt prize

Dirgesinger Cherry //Rock Your Rack Exclusive// by Poet’s Heart



Lets welcome Audrey

Mirror’s Enigma are back in full swing after internet issue and a sim change. Audrey  is the latest release and as always with Mirror’s new skin its now my new fave………………Enjoy


[ME] Audrey Peach Skintone (Smoky~Pink)Collage


The outfit shown in the above  is from Fab_Fae and is part of to the new stock in store at  their new satellite store on the Vade Mecum sim

Hair is one of the new ones shown at the recent hair fair by ChiChickie! called Kate

PP R3 Look 22

Final Post for me this round…………….


Look 22

DaZeD DeZineZ Wasabi Pills  Mirrors Enigma [Mock] Cosmetics [Bamboo] Nails Dark Mouse Suicide Gurls Skin Sations Chameleon Designs Phunk

DaZeD DeZineZ Wasabi Pills
Mirrors Enigma [Mock] Cosmetics [Bamboo] Nails
Dark Mouse
Suicide Gurls
Skin Sations Chameleon Designs Phunk

Pure Perfection

DaZeD DeZineZ    Kelly  Outfit Skulls Women      Main Store


Hair      Wasabi Pills      Ichigo  Gingerbread      Main Store

Skin      [:ME:] Mirrors Enigma      Luisa Medium Skintone (Smoky/Black)     Main Store

Lashes      [Mock] Cosmetics      Priscilla Eyelashes [Lash only] [black]      Main Store

Nails [Bamboo] Nails –      Tuxedo      Main Store

Jewelry      Dark Mouse –      Past Jewelry Fair Gifty!      closed

Tattoo      Suicide Gurls – Mysterious Tattoo      Main Store

Modeled by Drakon

Pure Perfection

DaZeD DeZineZ –      Kyle Hoodie & Jeans (Skulls Outfit)      Main Store

Hair Fair

Hair       Deep      (Brown 6),      Main Store

Skin      Skin Sations (Cyrus Beard 5)      Main Store

Jewellery      Chameleon Designs –      Male Bracelet (Chain Alusmal Wide) + Necklace (Round Gold/Black)     Main Store

Shoes      Phunk      (Black Wingtip)      Main Store



PP R3 Look 8

Have you got the massage yet 


Is the place to be




Pure Perfrection

G&D The Italian Style        Arven Pink   Main Store

Hair Fair

adoness:          Toffsy       Pitch black  Main Store


Lazuri           Touch Of Stone Fuchsia Gift Main Store


Mirror’s Enigma  [ME] Luisa Medium Skintone (Blue~Brown w~CL) Main Store



ChiChickie! At the Hair Fair

ChiChickie! are also at this years hair fair and I am please to show you their standard avatar offerings in this post….later i will show you their petite offerings.

Enjoy the pictures

Hair Fair 2013

The hair Fair is finally with us. oh what joy and delight for all us hair addicts.

I was lucky enough to be picked as a blogger and get early access.So a bonus lag free shopping smiles .

Sunglasses may be needed

Sunglasses may be needed

I will be showing you over the next few some of the gifts , Demos and review copies I have collected along the way.

So have three  categories to show and they are follows :-

(R) on the picture means this is a review copies and is the product on sale

(D) On the picture means a demo from the demo group

(G)  on the picture means a gift that you can pick up at that Brands store at The Fair

And please  Dress to fight the lag  de script and de prim . As in previous years there is a low lag outfit  awaiting for you all about the sims

DCNY low lag Fair outfit Be Kind to the lag WEAR IT

DCNY low lag Fair outfit
Be Kind to the lag WEAR IT

later i will add the urls to this perma link

Here is a link to the Fab free blog that has all the links for the stores at the fair