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Despite the black out, bloggers like me can still makes posts on our blogs; you the reader just can’t see them for the time being.

This lunacy is the product of a dictatorship of American companies, who have for decades been bleating on about lost profits; due to pirate sites like Pirate Bay.  This is utter bullshit and greed, if they were so hard up; they would be out of business long before now.  The music industry alone is worth billions, the film industry is worth billions.  So they approached the American senate, asking for a bill to be passed that would effectively shut down and prosecute anyone who breaches Copyright or Intellectual Property rights.

Wait a second, under this law that means I could potentially be shut down and prosecuted too.  SL could potentially be effected given we have all seen items that ‘look’ like real world objects.  Cars, are probably the biggest example I can think of.  Do you think Dodge would prosecute you for building a virtual replica of their cars? No, SOPA or PIPA might though, as you breach copyright/IP rights.

Ok this is an extreme example, but you only have to look at the history of this lunacy; to see innocent people are the ones hurt most by stupidity like this.  The internet should remain free, open and available to everyone; not just those who pay for the privilege.  Why has this even come about? All because some CEO in his fancy swank office, decided there wasn’t enough money in his bank account.  Well done Scrooge McDuck, you just killed millions of peoples Second Lives.

The Skin You’re In!

Last year a new store opened, offering good quality skins; at a very reasonable price.  The Skin You’re In!, while small in size at the moment; appears to have the makings of a great SL retailer.

Owner Pixel Perfection, has been doing virtual skins for over 5 years; but has only recently came to SL.  Seeing a market for good quality, but low price skins; The Skin You’re In! was born.  Offering over a dozen skins, with about 4 make ups per skin, there is a lot of variety to be had.  That isn’t what makes them great though, together with the skin you get Prim lashes, Windlight settings and Face Light.

As you can see from the photo’s the lashes are good definition, without looking to ‘fake’.  While face lights are something I wouldn’t use, using this one; gives a subtle glow to the skin. I couldn’t get the windlight settings to work, though this is just me being techno-stupid most likely.

Pixel has added one more good feature, instead of having dozens of skins.  Each skin is tintable to a certain degree, so if you see one with make up you like; but the skin is darker than you like.  Not a problem, change it in Appearence to lighten the skin to what you prefer.  You can also change some aspects of the make up as well, adding in blusher; eyeliner or glossy lips.

Now comes the price, for all that; a mere L$100.  Given the detail and attention to blending on the skin, you won’t find anywhere else on SL with that quality; for that good a price.  The Skin You’re In!, has a Lucky Chair and MM Boards; plus several Group gifts on offer.  So even from walking in the door, you can have a new Skin You’re In.

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Black Friday Sale @ Red Devil Inc

Tina Dragonfire, the new blogger for Red Devil Inc (blog); told me about the store running a sale for Black Friday.  Red Devil Inc (SLurl), are a quality fetish fashion store; offering some nice designs and reasonable prices.  Normal this blog only shows freebies, which Red Devil Inc do offer in Lucky Chairs and MM Boards; as well as various hunts and prize parties every Friday (12 – 2pm slt).

However at the moment, they are running a 50% sale on all items (male and female); that are coloured black.  Here’s an example of the outfit I bought for the sponsored event at the Chateau on Monday night.

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European Linden Exchange

Well the world may be in financial meltdown, but that doesn’t stop Second Life. One of the way we as users, keep SL going; is using Linden Exchange sites.

In recent times, it is has become harder to find a good exchange rate from the UK.  In previous years, I always used US Dollars; with occasionally changes using other currencies.  Recently though, I have been using the European Linden Dollar Exchange (ELDExchange).  The reason for this, is that while the US Dollar is high; ELDExchange offers the Polish Zloty.  For those in the UK like me, this is saving you about £5 against exchanging through US Dollars.

As of last night 5000 L$ was about £11, when converted from Zloty’s to GB£.  In comparison, 5000 L$ was nearly £17, when converted from US Dollars.  However, the exchange rate fluctuates daily; so best to check using a currency converter like XE.  At the time of writing this, the exchanges were fairly even; with the Zloty still being the best deal.


Speak Out With Your Geek Out

This week is Speak Out with Your Geek Out, a celebration of all things geeky.  Some would say that Second Life is the ultimate geek-ness, a virtual world inhabited by like minded people from all walks of life. A place where you can be anyone, do anything and go anywhere that the imagination conceives.

So in honour of our unique world, I am speaking out about MY geek – Second Life.  Second Life to me, is more than just pixels; it is a world where I have made great friends and learned many new things.  This blog is a result of my enjoyment of Second Life, where I have learned people are more charitable than in real life. While there are ‘virtual companies’ making money, there are others willing to make items for small costs.  Putting their time and effort into some truly wonderful items. This is to honour those people, who speak out about their geek in so many creative ways in Second Life.

Just to show I love geeks, here is my real life husbands blog post; about his inner geek.

Speak Out With Your Geek Out.