Why has there been a gap in my posting

Yes folks i am finally back. I know its been a long time since i last blogged but real life has been very difficult for me.

My real life Husband suffered from ill health most of his life due to him being born with a congenital  heart disorder. Over the last part of 2017 he started having breathing issue and on December 21st 2017 he died. To say that i was devastated and am still reeling from this is an understatement. Those of you that know us will know how devoted to each other we where.

So now i have to pick up the pieces and start to live life on my own and its taken a while for me to even just go in to SL let alone start blogging. I am going to slowly get back in to the swing of blogging so please be gentle with me.

My final say on this is to give you all a little advice. Hug those you love  today. Tell them that you love them today tomorrow and everyday you see them. Never  let them leave the house with out letting them know you love and that to want them to come back to you. You will NEVER know if those will be the last words you say to them so make them count.

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