Dear Readers

Dear readers,

You may have noticed that I have not been post much this month, There is a reason for this.

This will be a lengthy, wordy post but one I feel needs to be posted.

A few months ago I was let go by one of my sponsors when they did a mass clear out of their blogers. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I have been blogging this brand since October 2014,with out a single issue or complaint.

I would like to think all my sponsors would see I have always blogged to the requirement and often beyond that. Always shown their brands of to the best of my ability. Always come to them if there was an issue with the products so that they are aware and can fix it before it went on sale.

I did ask the blogger manager why I was dropped and was told that she would have to go back to the owner and discuss this with her as she was not willing to divulge that information. That response rather floored me. Did they expect those that they dropped where not going to want to know why?

A good while later a general note card was sent out to the blogger group outlining the culling process. Here is the opening general statement

“Within this notecard, I’m going to generically outline the reasons that we removed bloggers from the group. To have been removed, bloggers fit at least two of these issues, if not more. Hopefully, in reading through these things, you can see where some of them fit your situation, and I hope that at least knowing will help you to understand.”

Reason one :- Number of Posts Since March

The number of post required for this brand is 3 per month,”This is for any post that has a mention of the brand with in”. With in the timescale they took the information from I posted about their brand 30 times,in fact right up until the day I was let go.

Reason Two :- Products Taken vs. Products Actually Blogged

I have to state I am most careful about. I will not take an item for blogging with out blogging it. To me personally if you take an item you enter in to a contract that binds you to blog that item and I have always done so.

Reason Three :- Attitude

this was not just the way we speak or contacted the brand owner but also in “Attitude here also refers to a sense of complacency in not meeting the post requirements “ my response to that was that I have never been rude or had “Attitude” to any sponsor as I am very much aware that that they can just stop sending me items to post about.

Reason Four:- Not Taking Products

While I fully admit to not taking ALL the products on offer (via Blogotex) I did take those that where relevant to me and then blogged ASAP after taking them.

Reason Five:- No Communication

I HAVE always let sponsors know when I was not going to be able to blog for them. Always given an a full accounting of time away from blogging, whether is be because I was moving, visiting daughters or just plain having a bad bout of depression they are always kept informed.

Quote “Combinations of these 5 reasons were most of what factored into our decision of who to remove from the team at this time. A few other case-by-case reasons may have been a part of it as well, but for the most part, bloggers who were removed fit at least 2, if not more, of these reasons.”

Anyway as you can see I feel I do not fit in to any of these groups and would still be a very happy and productive blogger for them and all my sponsor today. Instead I fell like I have had the shit kicked out of me both creatively and personally.

When all is said and done I have always done my utmost to show products in the best way that I can and with honesty and integrity and it is with some sense of relief that I am going to change my blogging and no longer have sponsors that have blogging targets. No more will I be chained with having to do so many posts per months or blog with in two weeks of item being sent.

I will still blog but only items that I WANT TO and not have to.

If you made it to the end of this long post thank you and good night .


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