Travels with my Camera Week 01

I thought that while  love being a blogger for fashion with in the SL community , there are so many other things to showcase. One of the many wonders of SL is the attention to detail that many Sim owners take when building their sim, and then we as fahhionista’s come along use the sim as a background for what ever fashion we are showcase and  if they are lucky they might get a mention of where the photo was taken.

I  have tried very hard to use places that are open to the general masses and to add the location of where the picture was taken. So following in that vain I am implementing the Sunday Travels with m y Camera. This will hopefully be a weekly Sunday post with pictures of all the sim i have visited while doing my blog post.

This week i have been to three but one is being renovated  and not open a yet to the sl photo hordes

Isle of Tharen Grunge City

Rustic Retreat 

Fanstasy,mystic and fairyland imspired place with lots of intersting place to take “just perfect shot*

And Thought of the day


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