Some where,deep in your memory.

Some where,deep in your memory.

You know the ancient ways.

This is why you find yourself drawn by a deep seeded urge.

An urge to powerful that you don’t even question it.

You long for it .

The the cry of the fury.

The Song of the battle.

The taste of Victory.

Hair by Meli MI961204 MI Ragnar Viking Hair and Beard (full Perm) 

Eyes by Madrid Solo – Mesh Eyes- Soft Summer -Green – Round R & L 

Mesh Head by *!* ADAM – head -#beta v1.4 BENTO & Teeth 

Mesh Face Applier by 7 Deadly S{K}ins [7DS] – Omega HEAD applier – JUDAS snow noHB v1

Mesh Body by *!* -ADAM Mesh body -v1.4b 

Mesh Skin Applier by 7 Deadly S{K}ins [7DS] – Omega BODY Applier – SMOOTH Snow

Shape by *!* Adam Shape V2 (Bento)

Outfit by Meli MI961200 MI Ragnar Full Viking Outfit (full Perm) 

Accessories by Poets Heart Part of their Brown Bear outfit  Axe,Shield,Pauldron and Helmet 

Pose by Image Essentials (Exclusive for Square 1 Event)IE – Bento – Ragnar (b)

Location :- Brethern club and Mall – Photostudio 

Windlights :- Lunar Morning 7,Phototools- Epi Vintage Light & calWL


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