La Joya

For today’s blog post I thought I would bring some of the heat we are having in the uk with me. I am not sure about all of you but when I think of Mexico I think of warm taverna evenings with lot of bright colourful decor and cow skulls.

by Kaerri has brought out the La Joya range of décor for you to create just such a haven for your sl life. There is so much to choose from and they are very details but low in prim count……..enjoy

La Joya Wall, Patio Base & Flower Skull 1

La Joya Fountain,Large Potted Palm & Small Potted Palm

La Joya Rug,Guitar Decor,Couch,Tall Cactus,Yellow Cactus,Snakeplant & Flower Skull 1

La Joya Tall Green Cactus,Tall Pink Cactus,Table Cactus 1,2 &3

La Joya Wall Plates,Mosaic Donkey & Trio Fountain

Talavera Fountain,Chili Green,Chili Red,Chili Green & Red


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