Breaking news………..

Tres Blah made an announcement today that they are dropping the standard  sizes for Classic Avatars.  This seems  to be the way that store are heading and the reasons are very clear and practical.

The work load for making standard  sizes and then mesh body fitting items means that you are making many duplicates of the same item. Here is a break down of what is involved.

5 standard size Items, one  each for slink physique, Slink hourglass, maitreya, belleza & Eve to name  just a few. So in total (just making items  for those bodies) that is 10 copies of the same Item and with texture uploads and packaging that’s an awful  lot of work.

So to help those that are hesitant to take the plunge in to the world of mesh bodies  Tres blah as a way of a sorry for doing this and encouragement to take the plunge have posted the following statement on their flickr  page :-

“If you still use standard sizes and haven’t made that jump into getting a mesh body, I am offering a special deal. If you take that plunge and buy a mesh body (either Maitreya or Slink) I will give you a gift card/store credit to Tres Blah to get you started with building your new fitted mesh wardrobe. You will need to provide a legitimate receipt (transaction history screenshot) of your mesh body purchase. It has to be a purchase made from this date forward. No past purchases apply.”

This is just the relevant paragraph. To read the full statement please go to

Happy shopping





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