Thoughts for midweek

What is GOOD customer  service

In the virtual world there is a whole list of things that can go wrong between design concept to finished, boxed, on sale product. Textures not fitting right, Alpha’s layers not totally following the path of the mesh item, Items missing from the finished packaging, and the list can go on. As a designer it is a matter of a moments distraction and these things can get away with you. One of the most come and easiest is to forget that you have packaged up an item that still has a test texture (this is a texture that only you can see on the item, to anyone else the item is grey) on it.

This happened to me this week. The store I visited had generously left a free gift for customers. Upon putting on the item the item stayed greyed. I was concerned that it might have been my pc no letting the item rezz in, so I waited a full day before sending a note card. I checked the designers profile and found that it was not the designer but her manager I needed to send my concerns to. I Sent in a note card with all info needed to them on Tuesday( the day of the event opening) and this morning I logged on and got a very simple reply from the Manager saying that the concern had been dealt with.

Now I am not only a blogger but I have a small store that really is just a blip on the fashion scene as I do it as a hobby. When in the past customers have had issues I have always made sure that they where comfortable with coming to me with the issue, they got me and not a Manager. I designed it,packaged it and so its up to me to sort it and in my humble opinion contact the customer and let them know personally that the item had been fixed and also to send them a corrected copy of the item. This is something I have always done in the 4 years I have had my store. In fact I make a point of rewarding the person that has taken the time to let me know of the issue and thus saving other customer from a bad shopping experience at my store.

So I think the service I got from this store as at best in my humble opinion an afterthought. There was NO customer service. There was NO I am sorry that you have had a bad consumer experience. There was NO here is a correct copy of the item (as you would in the real non pixilated world). There was NO thank you for bringing this to my attention so I can make sure others do not get faulty goods.

So now I am left with items I can not use (I was going to blog the items) and the only prospect of getting new ones is t brave the NOW open event (that’s even if I can get in to it at the moment) lots of lag and then finding the store. I DO NOT THINK SO.


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