Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo is in its final week and I thought it was time to revisit what for me is the kick-starter for the Relay for life season of events within sl.

My designer of choice for today’s little posting is -AKA- who are presenting Industrial living.

The table is available at the sim 8 display and the stools are part of the gacha garden on sim 5. To see the sky box take the tp offered at the sim 8 Display. The items offered by AKA are of the clean precise design that you expect from industrial design not frill but perfect for the use that is was designed for.

Items shown in this posting are as follows

-aKa- Industial Dining – Table Teal

-aKa- Industial Dining – Stool Various

-aKa- Industial Bar – Stool Various

-aKa- Expo Skybox

sim 8 for Display

sim 5 For Gacha Machine


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