The Gang of Four

As with any  home and garden show you like to show the items on offer on their own so you can see the detailing and crafting that has gone in to the items  you are buying,but it is also nice to see them as they might look collectively in your home. So for  today’s 2016 RFL Home & Garden Expo there are FOUR designers included :- Glas Houses Sim 7Kaerri  Sim 8Newchurch Sim 8 & Hanaya–  Sim 5

House by Glas Houses Granelda

Exterior items byHanaya– Forest Clearing Standing Vine Lantern,Forest Clearing Mailbox & Forest Clearing Birdbath

Mainroom by Glas Houses H&G 2016 Clock NEWCHURCH Etheria Chair, Relay & Etheria Sofa, Relay (1~1)Kaerri~RFL Orchid Vase

Bathroom by Kaerri London Bathtub,RFL Orchid Arrangement,RFL Orchid Arrangement,La Paz Duckboard & RFL Pink Hydrangeas

NEWCHURCH North Flatiron Tall Bath Cabinet Antique Pine & North Flatiron Vanity Sink Antique Pine 1

Windlight settings were Places District8,[TOR] FOGGY – Rose-tinted & Places Greed


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