Here is the JJ news

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been blogging as  much as I used to. After working so hard trying to get my stats to reflect the hard work I put in to this blog.After a while  you realise that the fun  and enjoyment you got out of blogging has long since seeped away, I noticed this and  have taken action. I have  left  most of the merchants I was blogging till now,  and am setting upon a new adventure. Blogging for only those I like and want  to. for now on I am  going to blog at my  pace so some days you many get three or 4, others only one and rarely non.

Ask any blogger they  will tell you it is not easy. Often you are accused of just wanting things for free or when you do blog the item is oh that not what I wanted  you did not  do this or that and you have to blog my items so many times a Day/Week/month. away.

I will also strive to bring to you new stores  once that have just appeared on the grid or who the BIG blogs think they are too good to blog for as they are not known names.

so dear reader I hope  you will enjoy the more relaxed postings  and more relaxed me

No longer a puppet



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