Let’s have a Ball

Let’s have a Ball with : – [elikatira] ,Lumae Madrid Solo ,Ever An’ Angel ,
Slink ,N-core ,Image Essentials


Hair :[elikatira] [e] Thrive – Blonde 02 

Skin : Lumae Eliana : 1 – Icing / Bare {Mid Cleavage/Freck/LightBrow} 

Eyes : Madrid Solo – Deya-Sable http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jiradic/167/209/37

Teeth : Tuli [:T:] Parted lips – FREE 

Top : Ever An’ Angel – Just Chillin Top Maat 

Leggins : Lumae :: Circus Stripey Leggings 

Hands : Slink Ladies Casual 

Nail Polish : La Boheme [LB ShootingStarSilver]

Shoes : N-core CUORE 

Location : ! Image Essentials Ball Pit 

Windlight Settings : Places Cornfield & CaLWL


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