Time to do the shopping !!

One of the good things in sl is the places you can find to take interesting and varied pictures. One of the most versatile is the areas provides by Image Essentials. Kay and Starr have made a nice little  bloggers paradise. There are pose stand studios, scene sets and also 6 environments for the budding blogger photographer so use when they  get a group tag.  Also on the sim are three pose stores  Image Essentials , Something new and Demise of Flight. Lots to see and do.

The Avi I have on today is made with the help of Crow.  This is called  the Morrigan . When you open the box you get  Skin,Eyesv Tattoo, Head band,Arm band and wings. A complete  look  all you have to provide is hair and an  outfit. This is available at Mystic Realms Faire which will start in a few days………Enjoy

[Heartless], crow, Slink , Luas, La Boheme, [The Forge] , [Gauze] , Studio oOo, Image Essentials Poses

Hair : [Heartless] : Agatha (violet) NLA

Avatar : crow @ Mystic Realms Faire hthe morrigan

Hands & Feet : Slink Hands Casual / Feet High

Outfit : Luas Bracers, Pauldrons,top and Skirt Purple

Nail Polish : La Boheme [LB Industrial Steel]

Staff : [The Forge] Aura Staff Common (Bronze) Gatcha sale yard

The Bow : [Gauze] FF – Huntsman Bow & Quiver Set

Pose : oOo badass_six_pointed 

Location : Image Essentials Poses, Props and Photo Studio.Enchanted wood 

Windlight settings Fairy dark blue (Paulina) & StrawberrySingh.com – Close up


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