Princess/Goddess or queen ????

As always there are a lot of events going on about the grid. I have combined two in this blog posting to create  this stunning look. A Princess/Goddess or queen  waiting !! but for what? that’s for you the viewer to imagine……….Enjoy


Hair : LaNoir Soleil Designs


Skin : * Morphine @ The Black Fashion Fair 2014 

Aunrae Ebony Skin (Smoky/BlackBrow w/ CL)

Eyes : “The Skin You’re In”

Lt Brown Green

Accessories : 22769 @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Asian Queen Queens Headwrap,Nose Ring,Neck Crown, Princess Earring

Dress : Peqe @ We ❤ Roleplay 

Majestic Silver

Location : MIC

Windlight Setting : Places Las Legunas


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