There is no place like home

There really is never a truer expression. Home is where you run to at the end of the day. When the world has handed you a plate of cold comfort home is the one place you can feel safe. So it is the same in Sl and like Rl we like our homes to reflect who we are. All of the items in this posting are from Cozy Essentials  and are this months show case for Junes round of The Collage

The collage has just started a new round so lets see what they have for out away from real life hideout can look like…….


Picture one

Table settings
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Dining Room Table
{CE}Hailey Collection ~ Dining Room Chair
{CE} Cluster of Candles
{CE} Peach Rug

Picture Two

Fire place
{CE} Lakehouse Fireplace
{CE} Wall Clock  The clock can be changed to different time zones

Picture Three

Side unit
{CE} Buffet Table
{CE} Pitcher of Lilacs
{CE} Victorian Mirror

Picture four

Entrance Table
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Entrance Table
{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Lamp
{CE} Cozy Basket with Lid
{CE} Books, Etc.
{CE} Cozy Storage {Large}
Stack of Books
{CE} Decorative Plate ~ Initial This can be changes to any letter.


{CE} Potted Fern
{CE} Butterfly Plant & Tree


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