Black & white or Colour Viewers Choice

I came across a monday meme set by Strawberry Singh regarding taking a black and white portrait picture . I looked at a lot of the other blogger results and thought mmmmmmmm i think i will have a go at that. so here are my results ..

First the Raw picture with only very little softening of the lines where the avatar creases at the arms.


lassitude & ennui *Morphine E

The light setting for this shot was Fashion Path Light with graphics on full

then we have the full Black and white………..

And finally  a marriage between the two of them



This was achieved by placing the black and white picture over the raw colour  one and letting the colour leach in to the the top picture about 30%

so to the bloggy bits

Hair : [elikatira]  Abbey blond 07

Skin : * Morphine   Victoria Peach Skintone (Shade/DBlonde)

Choker and Earrings :  lassitude & ennui  Ophelia

Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me which you like best

Thank you and have fun


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