Fantasy Faire 2014 Report 1


Well once again its that time of  year where you wallets, purses and bank accounts take a good hammering all in the name of Charity. The annual push on behalf of the American Cancer Research  Relay for life events have started with the Fantasy Faire.

This year is covers 11 Amazing Sim……… much to see and buy and only 2 week to do it   so get spending  help find the cure.

I am not an offical blogger this year and i as i type i am tearing up as this year it means more to me that at anytime in the past. Why?

I have two sister being the middle sister is never easy and to be honest we never got that well but that being said they are MY sisters and they are so far away from me that it hurts some times.

My elder sister phoned to say she had found a lump in her breast and that she was getting it checked. A day later my younger sister rang to say  She too had found a lump and she was also getting it checked. So being over 800 miles away i felt useless and lost. Weeks later the results came

My younger sister’s lump was a cyst and she has had a few more since then. My elder Sister was stage one Cancer. My world tilted and then the fight started. A year later , rivers of tears ,walls of anger and sheer bloody determination and she is in remission. so i urge you  to go donate what ever you can afford. We are all in this fight mother’s , sister, father’s and sons .

So back to the fun . What have i found with my first days visit

22769 and the Flying Dwarfin


Skin: Niekra’s Dreams
Zodiac Female Fanstasy Fair 2014 Gift
Hair: Fantasy Faire 2014 Low Lag Outfit 1
[Gauze] & [][]Trap[][] – Dragon Koi Hair – F fit
Eyes:Fantasy Faire 2014 Low Lag Outfit 1
[Gauze] Crystalis – Koi Eyes
Eyelashes: * Mon Cheri *
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash

Nails: [Bamboo] Nails
Silvery GRoup Gift


Dress: 22769 ~
[femme] Chloris Dress [white – exclusive for RFL]
Crown: 22769 ~
High Council Crown
Pose: LUMIPro
1) hud

Location: The Ravena Serenity Park



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