The Next Round

Pre-release gatcha garde logo 512X512

This saw the next round of the Gatcha garden. This is a unique Gatcha event in that all the items on offer are exclusive to the event and are on pre release sales. All are between 25 and 110 per go  so something for all pockets…….

The first thing for me to show you is from Dirty little Secret  There are 5  eat sets to win and one Rare that includes all that is shown in picture,

Ears Lingerie and shoes.


Hair by Apple May Designs
(AMD) Bailey (Reds) – Passion

Skin by * Morphine
* Morphine: Rowena Native Skintone (Blue w/CL)(Grp Gift April)

Pre-Release Gacha Garden – April

Outfit by [dirty.little.secret]
[dirty.little.secret] :: easter lingerie w/ ears (rare)

Dirty.Little.Secret   Gatcha Prizes

Gatcha Prizes


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