Lost in the Mines with a bunch of MadPeas

LostMine 512x512

Yes it  is that time of year again. Time to let your inner Madpea out to play and this time  we Dwarfins are invited to  wwooooohhhhooooooooo.

There are three part to this hunt ,Find the pieces of the Map, The search for piles of dirt to turn to crystal and finally  hunt for crystals in the mines. Now i know that sounds hard but its not. As the old saying goes  “if i can do it so can you” and this time i did not have to resort to getting my hubby to so the tricky bits. But i did have help along the way so thank you ladies :0)

As you land in the Madpea sim there is a place to buy the hud needed to do the hunt and you are able to get an avatar for 200 lindens. The choices are between Madpea’s or Dwarfins. As you can see i chose to be a dwarfin  and to get the little follower as well . But i must stress that the only thing you need to have for the hunt is the hud anything else just adds to the fun.

The very steam punk miners helmet i am wearing is one of the end game prizes.

Dwafins miner female avatar and follower

Dwafins miner female avatar and follower




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