What can be found Under the Sea

The Under The Sea Expo - Official LogoThe under the Sea Expo ends tomorrow so now is the time to tell you abut the hunt they have . Most of  the stores in the Expo are taking part. When you land hit the board that tells you about the hunt. By using the tp boards that are all over the expo you can move about easily. But you must do the the hunt in order or you will be sent back to the  previous place to collect that pearl.Here are some of the Prizes in no particular order………..

Tarnished have offered a teal version of their new Marmaid’s tail  ☆ !Tarnished :: *!t

Unrepentant  offers Release the Kraken! Top Hat

HoR Sand and Sea  are giving this wonderful scaly  tattoo layer to complete any mermaid  transformation and the two cute seahorse rings

Fantasy Flora  have a number of things in their gift pearl but i am showing you the  Aqua Allure Feather Necklace.

NDiver  have a great prize for all scuba divers. a complete scuba kit all that  you need to add is the AO


These are not all the prizes,just a few to show you the standard of work and how much they merchants appreciate out custom.

But for me the cutest thing in the whole show was a  from  Cetological Museum  A small but perfectly formed Pink Press Orca. while this one was a blogger gift, but as their hunt prize they have mini orca’s for all and they are random colours . Mine from the hunt was blue and a friends was teal.But i just had to show you my cutie.


While all the shots where not taken at the event the props/fish/kelp are all available at the show. Most are from meadowWorks.


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