We have Elephants

What a way to celebrate my 50th birthday than with a post  showing my most fave animal in the world ELEPHANTS. The new group  gift  from Artistry by ~ E ~  is a set of white elephants on silver. Bracelet,earring and necklace are in the set.The group does have a joining fee but the perks are well worth it. I so love these ……. walks off doing the happy dance.

Also included in this post is the new skin from MIRROR’S ENIGMA . The shade shown here is Eliza Suntan Skin-tone Rogue w~CL and she is a really glamours lady.

The dress is from Ostentatious and is called BlackTie. Ostentatious is closing so if you want this dress i would hurry. ……………

Enjoy folks  jj


skin [ME] Eliza Suntan Skintone (Rogue w~CL)[O] BlackTie from Ostentatious Jewellery Artistry by ~ E ~ The Tembo Set - Group

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